On Thin Ice – VG

On Thin Ice - VG
Norwegian: Jacob Oftebro in “Black Crab.”

A miserable-timed – and generally miserable – war movie from the Muslim Brotherhood.


action drama

“Black Crab” (“Black Crab”)

Premieres on Netflix Friday, March 18

Sweden. 16 years. Directed by Adam Berg

Midfield: Nomi Rapas, Jacob Offbro, David Dencik, Dar Selim, Ardalan Ismaili

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The movie “Black Crab” comes at a surprisingly difficult time. This is not the movie’s fault yet. But reach out to anyone who needs to watch a feature film that begins with several long-running series of people suffering and fleeing war at the moment.

Now one must accurately speak of “Black Crab” under much happier circumstances as well. For any good movie, Adam Berg’s debut really isn’t.

We’ve spent a few years in the near and dystopian future, where there is all-out war in Scandinavia. The subject of this war is not explained and who is fighting against whom. But the soldiers we should get to know superficially are Danes and Swedes – plus a Norwegian, Jacob OffbroughHowever, he plays and speaks Swedish. Maybe we Norwegians attacked our brothers?

Swedish: Nomi Rapace in “Black Crab”.

The number of soldiers is six, and the task is to transport a capsule with secret contents to a place called Øde. We are somewhere in Sweden and it is not clear again where, and the six will get there with… Skates.

There is ice on the water. It’s too thin for vehicle use, and too thick for boats to cross. The six aces should travel the hundreds of nautical miles involved. Only then could the war end, they were told. everything It depends on them.

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tough Edh (Noomi Rabas), who has a daughter she hopes to see again, and Oftebro’s rivalry to lead the team, which of course dwindles. Six becomes five becomes four and so on, and the heroes are subject to exactly the accidents we expect: one of them ends up under the ice. They were bombed from the air and came into close contact with the Fifth Colonists.

Danish: David Dencik in “Black Crab.”

The sights of ice cream, and there are plenty of them, are in and of themselves very nice. Smooth visual, as befits a director who has so far mainly created music videos Kentand E-Type and -hello-a-ha («Summer moved to“,” 2000).

But the drama and characters are never involved, and none of the Scandinavian band’s stars come close to giving their best. There’s not a lot of simple excitement and stupidity to pick up on it either. Twelve-component programmatic work of this sort still makes Americans the best.

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