On Wednesday, the first autumn storm of the season came – already Thursday, the second hit – Viji

On Wednesday, the first autumn storm of the season came - already Thursday, the second hit - Viji
Sea Premier: The first autumn storm of 2021 in northern Norway with strong winds and surface water effects. Here the storm is viewed from space.

Wind gusts, high waves and danger warnings. The first autumn storm of the year has calmed the north. It now ranks second in western Norway.


On Wednesday, strong winds and heavy rain fell in northern Norway.

The storm started early this morning and is expected to subside here in the north, meteorologist Trent Lyon at the Meteorological Center told Viji Wednesday night.

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High winds on Thursday

He says the storm hit several places along western Norway and northern Norway on Wednesday. But even as the storm calms down, more storms await.

– A new warning has been issued for the southern part of the country. This is a new storm. We expect strong winds to blow off the coast of Rogaland, which usually hits tomorrow, Thursday, midday, says Lyon.

Violent weather is expected to bring a small and perhaps full storm in some places. This means you have to be careful and aware of the weather conditions.

– On land, the wind blows like a strong wind. There it often becomes a little random, and suddenly it increases. Protecting loose objects is very important, Meteorologist Leon encourages.

In addition, it warns against high waves:

– You have to be a little careful not to stand straight in the sea. The waves are a little scary.

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Danger warnings in yellow

The warnings from the Norwegian Meteorological Center come in the form of a hazard warning.

From Trentlock and Freya in the northeast, valid danger warnings have been issued for Wednesday, while the wind drops to varying degrees until Wednesday evening or Thursday night.

In western Norway, there are numerous warnings of hurricanes, tornadoes and hurricanes that will drag the southwestern Akhtar to the northwest of Hortland.

“Loose objects may be thrown. Possibility of canceled departure for boat, plane or other traffic. Bridges may be closed. Electricity may be affected, for example due to fallen trees or contact with the power grid.”

Danger warnings in western Norway are mostly valid until Thursday.

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