Once again, there is buzz around Hans Niemann – after a match against Vladimir Kramnik on Chess.com.

Once again, there is buzz around Hans Niemann – after a match against Vladimir Kramnik on Chess.com.

Once again, there is buzz around chess player Hans Niemann (20 years old). This time, it is former world champion Vladimir Kramnik (48 years old) who is hinting at the American.


  • This comes after a strange episode between them in a game played digitally on chess.com a week ago.
  • Then one came YouTube video From Kramnik where he analyzes the party and indirectly suggests cheating from Neman.

– Some strange things happen, says Kramnik about the party against Neman.

Hans Niemann had black pieces, but won the match against Kramnik. Later, Neiman wanted to play another game. There, Kramnik wanted to lose – because, according to his own statement, he didn’t want to play anymore – but instead of defeating Kramnik, Neiman chose to abandon the game.

He was TV 2 who mentioned it first.

– There were moments at the party that made me feel uncomfortable. The way he played was unusual in some ways – especially the timing, Kramnik says in his analysis video.

Hans Niemann had a disagreement with Magnus Carlsen. However, in a statement shared on chess.com at the end of August, the Norwegian said he was open to playing for Niemann again.

This is also what Kramnik came up with at the beginning of the video:

– Maybe he (Niman) wants to start a new life. I’m glad if it’s true. That’s why I agreed to play against him, Kramnik says of accepting the challenge.

TV 2 expert John Ludwig Hammer commented on the case x/twitter:

-The whole Kramnik/Nieman story is ridiculous. I think chess.com should suspend Kramnik or both for two weeks for “deliberate loss”/frivolous accusations, or whatever you want to call it.

NRK expert: Torsten Bey.

NRK expert Torstein Bae tells VG:

– This shows that there is still “life in the embers.” It shows that this is still not a dead issue. Doubts still surround Neiman.

– But Kramnik’s behavior is a little strange. After a good introduction, he nonetheless comes up with a tirade about how doubtful Neiman is. So it’s a live issue.

– Why?

– Although we get clarification through chess.com and the purely formal aspect of the matter, it is difficult to determine what an individual player does. And in online chess, they can still impose partial penalties on Neiman, which Kramnik explains.

In a YouTube video, Vladimir Kramnik expressed his opinion of the party against Hans Niemann.

Chess expert and chess.com employee Tarjei J. Svensen has the same idea as VG:

– It is a bit easy for Kramnik to make accusations based on this party only. He is the type of person who makes accusations very easily. But at the same time, Kramnik is a man who knows what he’s talking about. Not just anyone says this. It has a certain weight when Vladimir Kramnik makes such claims.

– It’s always interesting to hear what Kramnik has to say, but not everyone at the top necessarily shares his doubts. Svensen says Kramnik has also brought charges against others in the past.

John Ludwig Hammer speaking TV 2 Kramnik often has a bad reputation as a loser.

My impression is that he has accused many others before, so he does not have good credibility in this regard. “I watched the first five minutes and that was enough for me to think the match was a little weak,” Hammer says.

Here is Kramnik’s review of the concert.


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