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About 20.23 million doses of corona vaccine were administered on Saturday, according to the Chinese National Health Commission. That means the total number of corona vaccines in China has risen to 1.01 billion. That emerges from data released on Sunday. With a population of about 1.41 billion, China is the most populous country in the world.

The country is using the corona vaccine from the local manufacturer Synovac to immunize people. According to a newspaper report, this has been shown to be less effective than the Biotech vaccine in a Hong Kong study. Individuals vaccinated with Biotech against Govit-19 had “significantly higher” antibody levels than the Sinovac vaccine. South China Morning Post Citing a government-commissioned study by the University of Hong Kong (HKU).

As for the synovial vaccine, a third booster vaccine may be needed in some cases. Recently, doubts have been raised about the effectiveness of the synovial vaccine against further infectious mutations of the virus, such as the delta variant, which was first detected in India. (20.06.2021)

There are more than half a million corona deaths in Brazil

With more than 2,000 new victims every day, virologists estimate that Brazil will soon make the United States the country with the highest death toll in the world. Catholics across the country on Saturday commemorated the victims under the motto “Every life counts”. However, President Jair Bolsanaro continues his campaign against vaccines.

Experts are concerned about the number of new infections: with 98 135 cases within 24 hours, the daily record was set on Friday. After a slight decline in the number of deaths and infections since the end of April, things are now on the rise again. However, microbiologist Natalia Pasternak did not want to talk about a new wave. In contrast, Brazil is at a high level with a potential increase.

“It’s reminiscent of a tsunami, with more waves in the middle of us, but it’s not really going down,” Pasternak told the Catholic News Agency. It is now common for Brazilians to experience 2,000 deaths every day. Due to the sluggish vaccine campaign – so far only eleven percent of adults have been fully vaccinated – it is difficult to predict further course of the disease.

A Senate parliamentary inquiry is now monitoring the government’s response to the epidemic. It turned out that by mid-2020, Bolsonaro had ignored several offers from Biotech / Fizer for millions of vaccine doses. The government has been actively seeking vaccinations since March alone. President Paulsonaro hopes that large sections of the population will soon become infected and that the herds’ immunity will be achieved. To fight the disease, he still recommends the anti-malarial chloroquine and a worm agent. (20.06.2021)

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Portugal seals Lisbon due to delta variation

Authorities have sealed off Lisbon for two and a half days as the delta variant of the corona virus spreads. From Friday afternoon to Monday morning, 2.8 million people in the Portuguese capital are allowed to leave much of Lisbon for good reason alone. Foreigners are allowed to enter only in exceptional cases.

Tourists landing in Lisbon for vacation in another part of the country or visitors returning home are not affected. But you are not allowed to see Lisbon as a tourist on the weekends if you are staying elsewhere. Prime Minister Antonio Costa dismissed criticism that the move was exaggerated in view of the relatively relaxed situation. Locking is appropriate, he said when he visited Brooks. “If you don’t take action, the infection will take over again.”

Officials blame the delta variation, first discovered in India, for the increase in the number of infections in recent days. With 928 new infections within 24 hours, Lisbon recorded its highest value since Thursday 19 February. This is 75 percent of all cases reported in Portugal (1233). However, only about 27 percent of Portugal’s 10.3 million citizens live in Lisbon’s “Area Metropolitan.” The federal government has said it will decide in a short notice whether the locking will be repeated in the coming weekends.

The former hotspot Portugal successfully battled the Corona in the winter and temporarily had the lowest values ​​in the spring in Europe. Therefore, the state of emergency ended on May 1, five and a half months later. However, the EU Commission ECDC said that the 14-day incidents nationwide have risen from 55 to 87 in a few weeks. (20.06.2021)

Verdict: Astra Geneca should soon deliver 50 million doses of the vaccine to the European Union

A Belgian court has ordered Astra Geneca to deliver 50 million doses of corona vaccine to the EU by the end of September. A standard distribution schedule must be adhered to, the Brussels court announced on Friday at the request of the German press organization. Otherwise a fine will be imposed.

The EU Commission sued Astra Geneca because the manufacturer provided far less corona vaccine than promised under the contract. Astra Geneca ordered 300 million cans by the end of June. But in the first quarter only 30 million were shipped to 27 EU countries instead of 120 million vaccines. In an emergency practice at the end of May, the commission initially demanded the immediate delivery of 90 million cans from the first quarter. The court has now awarded the EU at least 50 million cans.

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According to the court announcement, the emergency verdict is as follows: Astra Geneca must deliver the 15 million dose by 9am on July 26, otherwise paying 10 euros for each missing dose. According to the court announcement, a further 20 million doses will be given by August 23, with the same penalty threat, and then another 15 million doses by September 27.

EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyen said: “This decision confirms the Commission’s position: Astra Geneca has not fulfilled its obligations under the agreement.” However, Astra kept the Geneca ruling different and strengthened its own position. “Astra Geneca today welcomed the verdict of the first court in Brussels,” a statement said. “The judge ordered the delivery of 80.2 million cans by September 27, 2021. To date, the company has delivered more than 70 million cans to the EU and will have more than 80.2 million cans by the end of June 2021.” The contradiction in the interpretation of both sides in the legal conflict could not be resolved immediately. (18.06.2021)

Germany contributes to vaccine production in Senegal

The Federal Republic of Germany is supporting the production of the Covit-19 vaccine in Senegal with 20 million euros. The West African country-based Bashar receives the initial funding to produce the license. The first plan is to supplement vaccines from April 2022. At the same time, a production facility is under construction.

“This will be the initial spark of the fight against the epidemic in Africa,” Development Minister Gert M முller (CSU) said in a statement on Friday. All international efforts must be compiled. “We urgently need a vaccine made in Africa,” the minister said. The threat from the corona virus is increasing in Africa. There are 20 percent new infections per week, and the delta variant has already reached 14 countries on the continent. At the same time, only 35 million people across Africa received the first vaccine.

East Africa and Uganda, for example, are facing a third wave of infections. The African Union Health Organization Africa CDC on Friday registered 11,704 new infections. Health Minister Monica Musenero says the country is running out of oxygen and needs at least 15,000 CO₂ cylinders. She asked her neighbors for help. In addition, the military must now produce oxygen.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an increase in the number of infections may be the result of an unequal distribution of vaccines. “We are going to pay a heavy price for this injustice,” said Mike Ryan, WHO crisis coordinator. (18.06.2021)

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Spain raises the need for masks in the open

Considering the declining number of infections and the increase in vaccinations, Spain is eliminating the obligation to wear a corona safety mask outside next weekend. “This weekend will be the last with the masks outside, because next weekend we will not be wearing them,” said Prime Minister Puntare Sanchez. The Cabinet will take a related decision next Thursday, effective June 26.

Spain follows a similar decision in France, despite concerns about the spread of the highly contagious delta variant of the virus. In Spain, with a few exceptions such as sports, since last summer, in most parts of the country, the mask has been mandatory for everyone over the age of six. (18.06.2021)

The UK provides the primary vaccine for all adults

From this Friday, all UK citizens over the age of 18 will be vaccinated. The government wants to ensure that all adults receive at least one first dose next month. “Giving the vaccine to all adults within 200 days of the start of the program is one of our nation’s greatest collective achievements,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson, referring to the UK health assessment of the impact of vaccine adoption. Health officials in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland each run their own vaccination campaigns. (18.06.2021)

Austria lifts corona curfew

In Austria, more corona restrictions will take effect on July 1. The curfew imposed due to the Corona crisis will be lifted. President Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) initially announced that dinner would be possible again with slightly reduced efficiency. “You can play, get married, celebrate”. The head of government said the infection situation was significantly better than expected, considering 15 of the seven-day events.

“We can take bigger steps towards default,” Kurz said. According to the government, employees no longer need to wear the FFP2 mask in the catering industry. Events in the arts, culture and sports are possible for the general public without great restrictions; Events with a standing room will then be allowed again. Instead of the FFP2 mask requirement, it is sufficient to wear mouth and nose protection in shops, buses, trains and museums.

The so-called 3-G rule also applies to visits to restaurants or events. That is: the guest must be examined, recovered or vaccinated. However, from July 1, only people under the age of twelve should be screened. On July 22, further simplifications are due to come into effect. (17.06.2021)

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