One in four students affected at a school in Trondheim – did not see the need to tighten – VG

One in four students affected at a school in Trondheim - did not see the need to tighten - VG
Tested regularly: Many students at Ila Elementary School in Trondheim are tested at regular intervals after a Covit-19 positive test.

Of the 450 students at Ila Elementary School in Trondheim, 113 tested positive, but the municipality did not believe drastic measures were necessary.


On Friday, a message was sent to all parents about the infection situation at the school.

There, the principal reports that 113 children, i.e. one in four students at Ila Primary School in Trondheim, have been affected by corona.

“I find that most children do not have mild signs / symptoms. It is good to know. Many warn me that children are coming out of loneliness and will come to school next week, Writes Chief Trudeau Madison.

Students are constantly tested and everyone is sent quick tests. In addition, the public epidemic control councils apply, but the municipality does not believe it is necessary to introduce other measures.

– This is a recommendation of the FHI, which the Trondheim Municipality follows. In schools where many students have been diagnosed with the disease, routine testing is being introduced at the current school, the school’s mayor, Johnny Axley, sent an SMS to VG.

He added that new measures could be considered.

– The President will decide on Tuesday. It is understandable that family members in risk groups are concerned, but the municipality is following the advice of NIPH for residents of these groups.

The current development of the infection in Trondheim is as follows:

Rector: – Concerned that the infection is increasing very fast

To Vijay, the principal says the school has a close conversation with parents and the infection control office.

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– Are you worried about high infection rates?

– It is clear that the infection is growing very fast, while I am very happy that it is not a serious disease, says Mathisen.

– Students can take home family members in the infection risk group, what do you want to say to those who are worried about it?

– We have provided quick tests for all, and if students have a registered infection they report it to both the Infection Office and their GP. Then the guide advisor G.P.

– So do you not think it is necessary to introduce measures other than routine testing?

– It is discussed at the municipal level, and the municipal director does not recommend it, Primary Answers.

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