One of the accused found dead – VG

One of the accused found dead - VG
The tragedy: Sunday’s incident is one of the worst cases of mass violence in Canadian history.

Canadian police are still searching for the culprit named after 10 people were stabbed to death and 19 others were injured in the province of Saskatchewan on Sunday.


Canadian police said, on Monday evening, that Damien Sanderson, accused of mass murder, was found dead near one of the crime scenes.

The brother, Miles Sanderson, who is described as armed and dangerous, is still on the run.

He has a long record, said Rhonda Blackmore of the Canadian Police at the press conference held this Monday evening Norwegian time.

Police say Miles Sanderson may also be injured.

According to police, the two men attacked people at 13 different locations in the James Smith Cree Nation Reservation and the small town of Weldon, northeast Saskatoon.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke Monday evening in Norwegian time. His thoughts go to those who have lost and injured loved ones.

He described the attacks as shocking and heartbreaking.

– He said that such violence has no place in our country.

He went on to say that their main priority was to keep residents safe, and urged people to follow the advice of the authorities.

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Ten people were killed after being stabbed in Canada

Canadian police said 10 people were killed and 15 injured after a mass stabbing incident in Canada on Sunday morning.

– So please, be careful! The Prime Minister said if you see anything or have any information, please call the emergency number.

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It appears that many of the victims were chosen at random. The police did not say anything about the motive behind the crimes and gave little information about the murders

It is one of the worst cases of mass violence in Canadian history.

Police chief in Regina, the county capital, Evan Bray, said earlier on Monday that the two suspected men were likely hiding in the city, which is 30 miles from Weldon. The two were supposed to be spotted in town on Sunday evening.

In an update Tuesday night, Bray said police are still working on the theory that Sanderson is in Regina.

We ask everyone in the community to be vigilant, and to report to the police if you see anything unusual or have information that might lead to a case being resolved. We work all night and won’t stop until Miles is taken.

Suspects: Rhonda Blackmore of the Police is holding a press conference here.

Locals in the area where the murders took place speak of shock and despair.

Among the victims was an elderly man who lived with his adult grandson. Neighbors said the grandson hid in the basement and called the police.

Another man wrote on Facebook that he regrets the death of his mother, who he writes is protecting a young man while she herself was attacked and succumbed to her injuries.

Reportedly, a mother of two, a 77-year-old widow and a 14-year-old boy were among the victims. Reuters.

Miles Sanderson has been wanted by local police since May, after violating parole terms, according to Canadian media. CBC reported that he served a five-year prison sentence for assault, robbery, and threatening.

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There is little information about the accused in the Canadian media, and it is not known if the accused have a family relationship.

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