Ookla: This is Norway’s fastest 5G network

Telenor hardly beats Telia with download speeds above 5G in Norway.  Here in the below location home in Oslo, where admittedly no 5G coverage, but at the same time a slight error in speeds above 4G.

Telenor has the fastest 5G network in Norway, Ookla concludes, which is behind the popular speed test Speedtest. The result is based on nearly 80,000 Speedtests by user on iOS and Android in the first half of the year.

Telenor scored a so-called “Speed ​​Score” of 272.39, while Telia scored 239.33 and Ice 149.68. This result consists of a weighted average of the fastest and slowest measurements and the mean measurements, with the latter being the most significant.

Telenor achieved an average download speed of 304.2 Mbit/s, while Telia received 251.2 Mbit/s and Ice 182.8 Mbit/s. In terms of upload speed, however, Telia was the one that escaped with the win, this year as last year, with 38.9 Mbit/s against Telenor 36.5 Mbit and Ices 31.2 Mbit.

Telenor also had a slightly larger latency (latency) on average than Telia – 23ms versus Telia’s 20ms.

In a statement, Telenor’s coverage manager, Bjorn Amundsen, boasted that they had just passed 8,500 base stations in Norway, and that 2,500 of them had been upgraded with 5G. Thus, 50 percent of the population will have access to 5G from Telenor.

Our skilled entrepreneurs are working every day to achieve the goal of completing 5G development in the first half of 2024. We are not only rolling out 5G where we have coverage today, but also in new places. When our development is complete, we expect to increase the number of base stations to approximately . 9,000, says Amundsen.

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It should of course be noted that Ookla makes money from licensing the use of these tests in marketing. Another player, Opensignal, However, in December I published a comparison of Norwegian 5G networks, and they came to similar results.

Opensignal’s test also put Telenor ahead of downloads, at 366.9 Mbit/s, while Telia achieved 339.3 Mbit/s. Here, however, Telenor also won on loading, with 43.4 against 41 Mbit/s.

Opensignal also measures so-called “5G availability” in terms of the amount of time customers have 5G coverage. Here, the score was 5.5 percent for the Telenor fraction and 4.6 percent for the Telia portion. Together, they still call Telia a winner, thanks to the fact that they won the “5G Gaming Experience” category, while the win was shared in all other categories.

Norway also took first place in Ooklas global index for speed in mobile networks. The average download speed over the past 12 months was 129.4 Mbit/s, which puts us on top – ahead of the United Arab Emirates (124.9), Qatar (117.6) and South Korea (106.9).

Among the other Nordic countries, we find Denmark in seventh place (102.5), Sweden in fourteenth place (76.0), and Finland in seventeenth place (69.9).

Telia also recently announced the places it will get 5G coverage from in the second half of 2022. These places include a large number of municipalities in More og Romsdal, Trondelag and Vestland. However, they have confirmed that they are also updating the 4G network at the same time as the 5G build.

Those with a 4G phone will notice a significantly better user experience, so 5G is something that benefits all Norwegians, said Stein Eric Vilan, CEO of Telia.

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Ice also recently announced that it is seriously beginning to develop 5G. 3,200 base stations will be upgraded with 5G technology, in addition to building 3,900 new ones.

It will, of course, provide good coverage, but the frequencies managed by Ice and Altibox together will make it possible to build a massive capacity. So in the early part of development, it’s likely the capacity that customers will notice first, Ice’s “Chief Executive Officer” Mette Olsen Killingberg told Tek earlier this week.

On Tuesday, they announced that Ice has chosen Nokia as the equipment supplier for its 5G launch.

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