December 9, 2022


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Open to sell naming rights

Work at Anfield Road is going according to plan, both in budget and on time, and general manager Billy Hogan does not rule out that the club may eventually sell off the naming rights.

If the target offer is reached.

It’s obviously something we’ll think about, says Billy Hogan the athlete.

We didn’t do it for the main stand, but we can with Anfield Road. We wouldn’t say no to that, but it’s not something we’re actively pursuing at the moment.

It should not be related to the sale of the rights to the entire stadium.

Activity will increase at Anfield

The construction project will also mean that there will be no major concerts at Anfield in the summer of 2023, as was the case this year. This is still something that Hogan and the club consider a smart source of income.

go ahead: There will be rock music on the field, as will the Eagles here in June 2022, at Anfield in the future.

– We just replaced our Anfield track cover with a new hybrid and that will give us more flexibility going forward, because it doesn’t take much time to grow back every summer.

From August to May, Liverpool FC artists play here, but the possibilities are further afield.

We want to have a larger window of action from 2024, with more concerts later in the summer.

This year there have been three big shows with the Rolling Stones (June 9), Sir Elton John (June 17) and The Eagles (June 20).

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– It’s a great scene that we’ve taken advantage of as much as possible. Concerts are also a great way to bring another fan base to Anfield. The cool thing is that the artists who attended only had positive things to say about the experience. It’s something we’re very excited about going forward.