Open to the use of US nuclear ships as power plants along the Norwegian coast – NRK Vestland

Open to the use of US nuclear ships as power plants along the Norwegian coast – NRK Vestland

During the energy conference in Stavanger last week, the general manager of Norwegian industryStein Lehr-Hansen said that a “cluster” of member companies is in dialogue with US companies that lease floating nuclear power plants.

The background is what would become a tense energy situation in several places in the country.

It’s about exploring all possibilities. But a number of questions remain, says the NRK director.

The questions companies need clarification relate to responsibilities, processes, waste management and when agreements can be entered into.

US nuclear reactors in Norwegian ports are “hardly realistic before 2035,” says Lear Hansen, and is based on two assumptions:

  • Rental agreements must comply with Norwegian law
  • Local acceptance

In recent years, several nuclear-powered submarines have docked in the port of Grotsund in Tromsø, and from time to time they have caused friction.

When asked if the US floating nuclear reactors get along with it bratelli doctrine, Lear Hansen replies that “things should run smoothly” and that “Swedish nuclear energy is part of the Norwegian energy mix to this day”.

Earlier in February it was reported that the director “He made a complete transformation” It is no longer opposed to nuclear power.

– This is a mistake. I have never been against nuclear power. But I said it will take some time.

Norsk Industri director Stein Lier-Hansen says many of its member companies are in dialogue with US companies that lease floating nuclear power plants.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen

– I understand those who feel uncomfortable

Plans to use the 3.6 TWh to electrify the gas station at Melkøya outside Hammerfest sparked controversy last year for several reasons:

  • Because new power lines can interfere with reindeer grazing areas.
  • Because the plans conflict with other energy-intensive industries in the North, which compete for the same strength
  • Because the power situation is tense enough as it is, and more “crowding” can drive up the price of electricity

Claims to be a power host “vacuum cleaner” Thus creating significant local opposition and far-flung ripples in government, symbolized by the rejection of the Center Party’s provincial groupings’ plans and a ‘yes’ by Labour.


– I understand those who are worried, said Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (AP) when he visited the plant earlier this winter.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten/NTB

Statnett wanted power from Russian nuclear power plants

In response to the difficult energy situation, many proposals for solutions have been put forward, including more wind power, more hydropower, more home energy savings and more “blue energy” (carbon capture and storage).

The idea of ​​US nuclear ships represents a new alternative to meeting the energy needs of northern Norway, but it’s still not entirely new.

Academician Lomosov, Pevek

Russia commissioned a floating nuclear power plant last year. Name is Academician Lomosov.

Photo: Rosenergoatom

In 2014, he invited Statnett and Finnmark’s state official imports Energy from Russia’s nuclear power plants on the Kola Peninsula, before Energy Ministers Ola Borten Moe (Sp) and Tord Lien (Frp) take turns The bottom of the foot.

Borten Moe himself, who today serves as Minister for Knowledge, confirmed last year that research in nuclear energy had been funded with NOK 25 million in the revised national budget.

The Russians have started operating a floating nuclear power plant In May last year.

industry across the country Queue to call For the power grid – many of them are in northern Norway

Everything from rearing facilities, seafood production, electric car chargers and slaughterhouses to Hydrogen production, charging facilities, and data centers all require huge amounts of electricity

Only in this region alone do they need it 1400 megawatts

corresponds to the same effect 1.4 million kiln plates You have it at home on the wall

The Norwegian Research Council provided ten million kronor

Leasing floating nuclear power plants is interesting, not least for companies that need energy for a period of time, such as an oil and gas field with a limited life, says Jonny Heisthammer, chairman of Norsk Kjernekraft.

He adds:

– But the model is also interesting for companies and business parks with long-term energy needs.

NRK previously wrote that the Research Council of Norway has given ten million kronor to a project aimed at outfitting cargo ships and cruise ships with their own small, modular nuclear reactors.

During a public meeting on wind energy in Høyanger in January, he was a member of the alternative energy committee, Hogne Hongset, with the association on the request that the municipality should instead explore an alternative energy path: nuclear power.

– Many claim that nuclear energy is too far into the future, and too expensive. But that will now come very quickly, he tells NRK.

Refers to the Danish company Cyborg TechnologiesAnd Which aims to deliver the first floating nuclear power plants in 2028.

– This relates to a salt melting reactor which operates at near normal pressure and therefore cannot explode or melt.

An LNG ship en route from Melkoya, Norway.

When asked if US liquid nuclear reactors fit into the Pratelli Doctrine, Lear-Hansen replied that “things should go smoothly” and that “Swedish nuclear power is part of the Norwegian energy mix to this day.”

Photo: Fredrik Varfjell/NTB

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