OpenAI chaos after CEO dismissal: – He says you don’t want Haaland in the team anymore

OpenAI chaos after CEO dismissal: – He says you don’t want Haaland in the team anymore

Almost all OpenAI employees are threatening to follow Microsoft’s boss. Within a few days, the AI ​​giant was thrown into chaos.


Late Tuesday evening, Reuters reported that there was a very bad mood among investors in OpenAI – the in-house giant artificial intelligenceartificial intelligenceAI stands for Artificial Intelligence, and in short it is when a computer is able to choose, learn and solve problems that would normally require human intelligence. ChatGPT is an example of an AI program that is largely capable of answering questions asked by users independently and comprehensively. Which is behind the famous AI-powered chatbot service ChatGPT ChatGPT A free and popular service based on artificial intelligence (AI). ChatGPT is largely capable of answering questions asked by users independently and comprehensively. And the Dall-E image generator.

According to the sources the news agency spoke to, many investors are now considering filing a lawsuit against the company’s board of directors

This happens after OpenAI founder, Sam Altman, He was fired by the board on Friday.

Altman’s firing threw the company into disarray.

Its value reached 86 billion on Friday. This is three times as much as DNB. Almost as much as Equinor. If it turns out to be as it appears now, the company is worthless at all, Nordea Funds investment director Robert Ness tells VG.

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– Not always honest

OpenAI’s board of directors justified the dismissal by saying that he had not been “honest” in his communication with them.

Altman’s resignation comes after a comprehensive evaluation in which the Board concluded that he was not always honest in his communications with the Board, which hindered the Board’s work. books OpenAI in a press release Friday evening.

Chairman and co-founder Greg Brockman left on the same day due to Altman’s firing. In a post on X’s website, he wrote that he was proud of everything the company had achieved.

– But after today’s news, I will resign.

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Now Altman and Brockman have found their way to Microsoft. The tech giant has invested more than $13 billion in OpenAI, according to The New York Times.

“We remain committed to our partnership with OpenAI,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wrote on X.

In the same post, he welcomed the duo Brockman and Altman to the hot weather.

– And we’re very excited to share the news that Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, along with their colleagues, will be joining Microsoft to lead a new advanced AI research team.

BORSE EXPERT: Robert Ness is the investment director of Nordea Funds.  Here during a conference on women's leadership in Oslo in 2017.

Employees threaten to leave

Investment director Robert Ness says Altman’s firing is bad news for OpenAI and good news for Microsoft.

On Monday, the company recorded a record high value on the stock market.

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– You say you don’t want Haaland in the team anymore, he says about Altmann’s firing.

But OpenAI didn’t just lose Haaland: they now risk losing their entire starting lineup. On Monday, more than 700 of the company’s roughly 770 employees signed a letter demanding the board’s resignation. Meanwhile, they’re threatening to change pastures to Altman’s new employer — if he doesn’t return to OpenAI.

– Microsoft has assured us that there are jobs for all OpenAI employees in its new subsidiary, if we choose to join, they write according to Reuters.

Reuters also reported that the letter was signed by Ilya Sutskever, one of the board members who fired Altman.

– I deeply regret my participation in the Board of Directors’ decision. I never meant any harm to Open AI, Sutskever wrote in a post on X on Monday.

Ness says most of the value in the company would evaporate if 700 of the company’s 770 employees disappeared.

– The value is the people in the company, and if they disappear, there is not much value left.


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