Orders from the Taliban prevent Afghan women from working with the United Nations

Orders from the Taliban prevent Afghan women from working with the United Nations

The Taliban authorities in Afghanistan issued an order. A United Nations spokesperson said on Tuesday that the law bars female nationals working for the United Nations from continuing to work.

Our colleagues on the ground who work with the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan (yunama) By order of the de facto authorities. Stéphane Dujarric, a spokeswoman for the UN Secretary-General, says the law prevents female national staff at the UN from working.

Despite initial relatively constructive engagements with the Taliban authorities, the fundamentalist leadership’s decisions in recent years have included banning women from higher education. Moreover, they included a ban on work in voluntary organizations and on access to various public places.

Female employees are important

The reported decision targeting UN personnel is just the latest in a troubling trend of decrees. This undermines the ability of aid organizations to reach those most in need.

Afghanistan - OCHA - United Nations
An OCHA staff member talks to displaced women in eastern Nangarhar province, Afghanistan. Photo: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs/Charlotte Cannes

It goes without saying, but unfortunately it must be said that female staff are critical for the UN to be able to deliver life-saving aid, says Dujarric. – Such orders, as we have seen today, violate the basic rights of women and the principle of non-discrimination, according to him. Female personnel are essential to ensuring continuity of UN operations on the ground in Afghanistan.

The “most unfair” place for a woman

In March he said Rosa Isakovna OtunbayevaUN Special Representative and President United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan The Security Council Assistance Mission stated that Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban remains “the most repressive country in the world.” [for] Women’s rights “.

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