Orkla Grocery | Grocery success rips off shelves: – likely to run out during November

Orkla Grocery |  Grocery success rips off shelves: - likely to run out during November

Even before it empties, Fun light juice is sold several times at Finn.no price.

– We’ve produced 620,000 bottles this year, which is seven times more than last year, but based on the sales we’re seeing now, we’ve already run out during November, Orkla CEO Jan-Ivar Semlich tells Nettavisen about the juice that enjoys Very popular with the taste of Christmas soda.

Christmas soda is popular with many Norwegians. Last year, Orkla launched their Fun Light Christmas Soda, which was a smash hit.

The interest was so great that Orkla felt that they and the stores were unable to meet the demand for Christmas soda.

Stores and manufacturer Orkla failed to meet customer demand last year. Then the newspaper wrote online about the individuals who posted the new Christmas soda juice Sell ​​on Finn.no. At that time, the price was between 100 and 1000 kroner.

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Therefore, Orkla has been aggressively promoted ahead of this year’s season.

– The reception Fun Light Julebrus received last year was very impressive. We knew it was good, but we were surprised by the sheer popularity. It’s always exciting to release new flavors, so of course it was great that many liked the news, Orkla’s director of communications Ann Gimmdahl told Netavizen earlier this fall.

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The juice has now been in the store for a few weeks, and Orkla can now determine that the product will be sold well before Christmas.

A fun light with a taste of Christmas soda, we’ll likely run out of it eventually, says Semlitsch.

Empty shelves

Already in the last month, the first stores have already begun to report empty shelves.

Suneva Solna, assistant store manager at the Mini of the Geisheim Shopping Center, told Mette Geisheim in October that they ran out before October.

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People wonder when we enter, how far we enter and if we can keep up. Solna said it was a complete mess dead jesheim.

The newspaper wrote that the Rima 1000 in the same center was also empty.

Moreover Svelvikposten I reported empty shelves.

– The worst thing is that we don’t seem to get anything else. (…) I sat and panted when they said they didn’t produce any more. Dolmo told the newspaper I wondered what they were really doing last year.

However, the newspaper online saw that Christmas soda juice is available in a number of shops in the eastern Norway region, and it is also available on meny.no and kolonial.no. At the same time, Christmas soda juice is sold Extreme prices on finn.no Currently, similar to last year, but so far there are cheaper ways to get it.

New flavors

Orkla has several developers working specifically to develop new flavors, and the Christmas Soda flavor has proven to be a hit with consumers.

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Orkla won’t produce more this year, but it will ramp up production even more in 2022.

There will likely be at least a million bottles next year. It sells well because it tastes good, and it’s also cheaper than Christmas soda, says Orkla CEO Semlich.

The reason you’re running out is because grocery suppliers don’t have a system to produce more when you go to buy seasonal items.

This was a seasonal product, so it wasn’t possible to reorder merchandise last year and we quickly ran out,” Harald Christiansen, director of communications for Coop, told Nettavisen earlier this fall.

Last year, it was primarily the lower-priced Coop’s Extra and Obs chains that had access to the limited selection. This year, more will have access.

This year we’re introducing Christmas Soda to all of our chains. We’ve doubled down on buying several times over, and while many of our chains are selling it this year, I probably wouldn’t wait long to secure this year’s edition if it’s on our Christmas shopping list, Christiansen told Netavizen.

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