Oslo Airport, E16 | Road users cheat via E16: – Illegal

Oslo Airport, E16 |  Road users cheat via E16: – Illegal

These days, many people leave for Oslo Airport Gardermoen to fly to their favorite holiday destination. Others land at the capital's airport heading home to take a summer vacation in eastern Norway.

The frequent travel business at Oslo Airport also has some unfortunate aspects. Just before exiting the airport, there is a rest area on the E16.

There, an average person looks to park a car temporarily to wait for someone to finish off at the baggage belt and duty-free shelf and be taken to the airport.

Pickup queue

Thus they avoid paying for parking in the airport owned parking lots. But there are some people who thought they could save some parking kroner this way, which leads to problems.

– Today the police had to go up and clean up. Stopping like this is not allowed, says Hans-Gustav Movik-Olsen Netavisen, traffic operator at the Road Transport Center of the East.

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– Unfortunately not uncommon

Several cars were parked on the E16 road towards Cartermoyan as the rest area was completely full.

– Then dangerous traffic situations arise. Unfortunately, this view is not uncommon and is a problem that arises from time to time.

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The Road Traffic Center East describes the situation on Sunday as dangerous, and they write that there were several dangerous situations at the back of the traffic – where cars came at high speed.

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The police were also unkind in their description of those who saw fit to park on the shoulder of the road on a European road with an 80km/h speed limit on Sunday.

– Risks penalty

Ronnie Samuelson, operations manager for the Eastern Police District, said when police arrived, about 40 cars were parked on the shoulder of the road.

– It is prohibited and can endanger you and others, he tells Netavisen.

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Because so many people were stopped illegally, the police had no evidence to fine anyone.

– Unfortunately, the operations manager says that this is a known problem and you will be fined if you stop there.

Short-term parking in Gardermoen costs NOK 40 for 20 minutes. The penalty rate for illegal parking may be much lower.

According to Romerikes Blad In June last year, 180 people were fined for parking illegally in the rest area.

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