Oslo, Autostor | Historic listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange: – I’ve never seen anything like it before

Oslo, Autostor |  Historic listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange: - I've never seen anything like it before

The newcomer Autostore will be among the most valuable companies on the live Oslo Stock Exchange.

Just over three weeks ago, it became clear that The industrial adventure of Nedre Vats wanted in the Oslo Stock Exchange. On Wednesdays at 09.00, CEO Karl-Johan Lear can ring the famous bell and rejoice at the largest stock exchange listing since oil giant Statoil – now Equinor – went public in 2001.

The market capitalization of the publicly listed Autostore is NOK 103 billion. In comparison, Statoil’s market capitalization was NOK 149.3 billion in 2001.

It will be the largest listed in 20 years and the second largest ever in Norway, Oslo Communications Director Katherine Lorvik Sigerlund confirmed to Nettavisen Okonomi.

It will also be the second largest listing on Euronext markets this year so far, surpassed only by the listing of Universal Music Group in Amsterdam. Universal’s market capitalization at the time of its initial public offering was 33.5 billion euros – or about 327 billion crowns.

Euronext It operates six stock exchanges and five derivatives markets in Europe.

The largest public offering on the Oslo Stock Exchange

Equinor (June 2001) – 149.3 billion NOK.

2. Autostore (October 2021) – 103 billion kroner

3. Telenor (December 2000) – 59.29 billion NOK

4. Adevinta (April 2019) 53.1 billion NOK

5. REC (May 2006) – 46.9 billion NOK

6. Gjensidige (December 2010) – 29.5 billion NOK

Source: Dealogic

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value increased

The Norwegian robot company has been a huge success, and has big names like Siemens, Puma, Lufthansa and Gucci on the client list. In April, Japanese fund giant Softbank bought 40 percent of Autostore for more than 23 billion Norwegian kroner.

Wednesday’s value when listing NOK 103 billion means that Autostore pricing has gone up in a few months.

This means that the company’s market capitalization even before the listing is greater than that of giants such as Salmar, Orkla, Schibsted and Gjensidige – as shown in the chart from portfolio manager Gunnar J. Torgersen at Holberg Funds:

Portfolio Manager Leif Ericsrud says to the Swedes Today’s industry He is skeptical about the assessment.

– I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s a company that can report very strong fundamental growth for many years, but the rating is very high, says Ericsrud from.

Sold the rhino in 2017

Billionaire and entrepreneur Jacob Hatland sold his “Unicorn” Autostor in 2017 to investment firm EQT, having founded the company since 1996.

In 2019, EQT sold for an Autostore value of NOK 16 billion, which is four times the purchase price a few years ago. Since then, the company’s value has increased by more than 500 percent.

Autostore has installed 667 systems in over 37 countries for a wide range of industries. Watch Stavrum & Eikeland’s interview with Autostore Director Karl Johan Lier in the video window below:

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