Oslo – Complete chaos with public transport in Greater Oslo

Oslo – Complete chaos with public transport in Greater Oslo

People in Greater Oslo woke up on Wednesday to find it snowing sideways. Challenges continue for both buses, trains, trains and planes this afternoon.

This is the current state of public transport and air transport:

More than four hours in a taxi line

All trains in Oslo and Akershus have been canceled due to weather chaos.

Christian Stenersen got tired of waiting for the train and looked for a taxi instead.

– Best situation here in the taxi line. I have been standing here for four and a half hours, says Stenerson.

He goes to Alley towards Gongswinger, but all trains are cancelled. He thinks travelers are getting wrong information from Vai.

Linda Carlson also had a long wait in the taxi line in Oslo.

Linda Carlsen queues for a taxi in Oslo S to pick her up from kindergarten.

Photo: Haljir Brastad / NRK

– It goes slowly. I stopped here because I have to reach kindergarten before 5 o'clock, she says.

Carlson hopes to get it done before the kindergarten closes.

Rail traffic has come to a complete standstill in large parts of eastern Norway.

– We believe that most of the traffic will be running again this evening, Ban Nor Bridt-Johan Wang tells the reporter for NRK 16.

Ban Nor urges travelers to find alternative solutions.

– We don't use alternative transport because there are very difficult driving conditions on the road, said communication manager Åge-Christoffer Lundeby today at Vy.

Order in Oslo p

The crowd of hopeful train passengers at Oslo S grows throughout the afternoon, but many have no train to catch.

Photo: Haljir Brastad / NRK

Some trains run between Skye and Rakestad, between Eidsvoll and Lillehammer, between Krefsen and Gjøvik and between Oslo S and Halden.

Malfunctions in track switches and snow plugs clog the tracks causing difficulty in running trains. Ban Nor has called in additional teams to assist with the deployment.

Line 1 canceled for one day between Majorstua and Frognerseteren.

Line 5 is completely set, according to Sophie Bruhn, Rutter's press officer.

Meeting at Subway NationalTeret

The subway station at the National Theater is packed with commuters on a Tuesday afternoon.

Photo: Per-Ivor Kvalsvik / NRK

Sporvian also faces problems with the track switches at the Majorstoun metro station junction.

– It's snow. We have alternative heating. With this amount of snow, it is not possible to remove everything immediately, says Rasdad.

All buses in Oslo have been canceled until further notice. Buses in Oslo will gradually start running after 4pm, says Sophie Brun, news officer at Ruiter.

They ask commuters to use trams and the subway.

National Drama Group

The tram stop at the National Theater is packed with people waiting for the tram.

Photo: Jilwan Manbari / NRK

Earlier, bus traffic was completely stopped in Asker and Bærum. They are now back up and running, but you should expect delays.

The subway has huge delays and multiple systems.

Communications Manager at Ruter Cathrine Myhren-Haugen

Press officer Kathryn Myhren-Haugen says driving conditions on Rutter's routes in the capital region are not safe to keep buses in transit.

Photo: Haljir Brastad / NRK

– Now we have a lot of delays and many canceled departures due to driving conditions, says Kathryn Myhren-Haugen, the press officer of Ruiter.

Earlier, Myhren-Haugen had this to say:

– Myhren-Haugen replied that it was not a surrender, but that the driving conditions were so difficult that it was undesirable to have buses in traffic.

Aviner confirms that Oslo Airport has reopened after being closed for several hours.

– It has relatively low efficiency. In addition, there is a balance. Airport Director Stein R. said that there will be more delays. Westby says.

According to Westby, the weather is still very demanding.

– This is a completely unusual situation.

Snowware contribution by Lars Melkevic

Efforts are being made to reopen Oslo Airport to traffic on Wednesday afternoon.

Photo: Lars Melkevik / Lars Melkevik

Ylva Celius Trulsen, press officer at Avinor, says some flights have now landed at Gardermon.

– We have just sent a plane, says Trulson.

Trapped in a subway tunnel

A tunnel between Briencheng and Hellfire was stuck on Wednesday morning. Passengers were evacuated from the depowered train back to Briencheng.

Ali Zuhair Abdullah was among those expelled.

Ali Zuhair Abdullah had to wait more than an hour before being pulled out of the tunnel in Hellfire.

Ali Zuhair Abdullah managed to get out and snow on his public transport journey in Oslo on Wednesday.

Photo: Private

– It was very hot and bad wind. There were many people who felt locked into the tunnel, he says.

He says many people were stressed by the evacuation and passengers were given bad information about what happened.

Expulsion 4

Passengers were evacuated from the tunnel at Hellfire station on Wednesday morning.

Photo: Ali Zuhair Abdullah / Ali Zuhair Abdullah

Vestfold, Østfold and Buskerud also have major traffic problems.

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