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Inga Marie Nymo Riseth

– Folkerøsten should count, says Inga Marie Nymo Raiseth.

During an open meeting at the Sami House in Oslo, there was broad agreement that Oslove is the correct Sami name for the capital city.

Riseth thinks the arguments for using the Oslov name were good.

She believes it should be emphasized Now the Sami organizations already using Oslo.

Big Congress: More than 20 people attended a public meeting at Samisk Hus in Oslo.

Photo: Mette Pallavara / NRK

On the other hand, the Sami Place Names Service, which advises Oslo Municipality on this matter on behalf of the Sami Parliament, did not include Oslo in its proposal.

They point to the fact that there is very little written evidence about the use of the South Sami word Oslov.

– I think it’s a bit difficult, because I care about listening to professionals, says Raiseth.

However, in this case, she has something more important.

– This would be an emotional thing for me. I think it is important to show it as a Sami name, he says, and we are also making South Sami known by that name.

The Oslo sign at Samisk Hus in Oslo.

OSLOVE: This sign is clearly visible at Samisk hus on Dronningens Gate in Oslo.

Photo: Mette Pallavara / NRK

Oslo or Oslo?

The current Oslo City Council announced their intention in 2019 The Sami name of the capital.

They now have two solid plans to choose from.

The professional body of the Sami Place Name Service recommends using the name Oslo with the Sami word for the municipality:

  • Southern Sami: Oslon tjïelte (Oslo is in the genitive case. For Southern Sami the genitive ending is -n.)
  • Lule Sami: Oslo suohkan (Lule Samian has no genitive case)
  • Northern Sami: Oslo suohkan or Oslo gielda (Northern Sami has no genetic inflection. In Eastern Northern Sami dialects gielda is used for municipality, while in Western dialects suohkan is used. So both gielda and suohkan can be used.)

Sami organizations in Oslo recommend the following spellings for Oslo Municipality:

  • Southern Sami Spelling of Oslo municipality: Oslon Djelde
  • Southern Sami Spelling of Oslo: Oslove
  • Lule Sami/Northern Sami Municipality spelling: Oslo suohkan
  • Lule Sami/Northern Sami Spelling of Oslo: Oslo

What should Oslo’s Sami name be?

– No one invents a new name

The Sámi Parliament’s Expert Group did not comment on the debate surrounding the name Oslov.

Sami Parliamentary Councilor Mikkel Eskil Mikkelsen (NSR).

Following the law: – The important thing here is that Oslo Municipality makes decisions in accordance with the City Names Act and complies with the provisions of the Consultation Act, says Sami Parliament Councilor Mikkel Eskil Mikkelsen.

Photo: Vaino Rensberg / Sami Parliament

The Sami Parliament usually has no opinion on such name matters. Mikkel Eskil Mikkelsen, member of the Sami parliament, thinks it is important to listen to the Sami who are involved locally in this matter.

He pointed out that no one has come forward to create new names for Oslo at this stage.

As I understand the matter, it concerns, among other things, whether the Oslovo form was used and is still in use by Southern Sami speakers. Professionals seem to disagree there. The Sami Parliamentary Council, the municipality, as the naming authority, is keen to make a thorough assessment of the matter. Expect a Sami name to be adopted for Norway’s capital, says Mikkelsen.

– Local acceptance for Oslove

At the public meeting, Mikkel Berg-Nordlie from the Sami Parents Network in and around Oslo spoke about the use of the name Oslove.

He pointed to searches carried out by Giellatecno. Sami Language Technology Center at the University of TromsøIt shows that the name is used by South Sami sources.

Michael Berg-Nordley

OSLOVE IS USED: Mikkel Berg-Nordlie of the Sami Parents Network in and around Oslo says the name Oslov is in daily use among the Sami in Oslo.

Photo: Mette Pallavara / NRK

Several associations have adopted the Oslov name in recent times. Among others, the youth organization Oslove Noereh uses this name for Oslo.

Berg-Nordli believes this explains why many Sami in Oslo prefer the name.

– I think it’s because it’s become a local acceptance. After coming up with the name Youth Organization in 2015, it was not widely known and, among other things, because many people in the city have a Northern Sami-speaking background, when they named their organization after it, it was public knowledge what it was. It is, he says.

He explains that the name Oslov eventually appeared in the media in several places, such as Samisk Hus, and it came into local use.

– Berg-Nordli says that if Oslo appears on signs and maps, it will strongly represent the Sami in Oslo.

Darhild Pedersen

Want Oslo: Torhild Pedersen, who has roots from Västerelen, wants Sami to be more visible in the capital. And then Oslo must become Oslo, she also believes.

Photo: Mette Pallavara / NRK

– Uncultivated field

This nomenclature issue has had a number of historical ramifications.

There is the municipality of Oslo That means after the change in the law in 2021, Sami in Oslo will have to consult on the name issue.

The first consultation was held today at Oslo City Hall. Many Sami organizations cooperated for this and met and negotiated with the city council administration.

It was a long process to give Oslo the Sami name and the Cultural Council Omar Sami Kamal will not say anything about the name choice now.

Omar Sami Kamal, City Council for Culture, Sports and Volunteerism in Oslo

Oslo needs a Sami name: Omar Sami Kamal is a cultural councilor in Oslo.

Photo: Sturlawson

I am I have great respect for the consultation process now taking place between my administration and representatives of Sami organizations in Oslo. Kamal says that’s why he doesn’t want to take anything forward now.

It is clear that the municipality is taking the case and dialogue with Sammy seriously.

I think that consultation after the new Sami law from 2021 would be a good framework for dialogue. Since this is a new law, the land is uncultivated to the municipality.

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