Oslo Debate, Endum | In this way, 20 square meters can provide space for a complete experience of good quality living

Oslo Debate, Endum |  In this way, 20 square meters can provide space for a complete experience of good quality living

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Your own key, your own door, your own apartment of 20 square meters, it is the happiness and dream that many students and singles wish for. But red and green politicians call it “expensive rubbish”, and police believe the small apartments attract criminals.

They are both wrong. We will show how both 20 and 30 square meters. Provides space to fully experience good quality living.

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It is not a goal for people to live cramped

Of course, the goal in itself is not for people to live in cramped spaces, but it is a very important goal for as many people as possible to be able to own their own home as soon as possible. It gives people more freedom and more opportunities in their lives, and it makes economic sense.

It is also an important goal for as many people as possible to be able to settle where they want. The so-called Nurse Index was recently updated and shows that a single nurse can only afford 2.4 percent of housing costs in Oslo. At the same time, we see that small apartments have increased in value more than large apartments.

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One of the solutions to the housing crisis

The Apartment Law prohibits the construction of new apartments of less than 35 square meters in parts of Oslo. We in the Conservative Party want to change this, and it is one of the solutions to how to solve the housing crisis in Oslo.

Therefore, we see micro-apartments as the fulfillment of the dream of being independent and having the opportunity to build equity in a larger family home.

Apart from our student housing, we do not want to build complexes consisting only of these small apartments. We believe in more spaciousness within the same residential project. If we want to ensure diversity of housing that suits many ways of living, it is also important to provide more small apartments.

Individual apartments

But what does this dream about home contain? What's it like to live in 20 and 30 square metres? We have created two examples of what we think are good individual apartments.

What the apartments have in common is that they have enough storage space so that the home functions well in everyday life. Smart solutions for small apartments include ceiling-height wardrobes, extra-deep wardrobes, storage space under the bed, in chairs and cushions, in cupboards and high shelves on the wall.

20 square metres. apartment

The bathroom has all the basic functions: toilet, sink, shower and washing machine. In the hallway there is space for a hot water tank and wardrobe. A sliding door in the living room means you don't have to take the door swing radius into consideration when furnishing. The kitchen area is fully equipped, and the table seats four people, divided between two chairs and a comfortable bench. The double bed is a wardrobe bed that folds up when not in use. It gives a good sense of space and frees up space during the day. The chair in the corner can then be moved forward in front of the screen mounted on the wall.

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30 square meters. Separate bedroom apartment

Bathroom and corridor as in option 1, but larger. The solution is inspired by Japanese style with an emphasis on flexibility through the use of sliding doors that can open and close the bedroom. The double bed has lockers on top and on both sides. Sliding doors have two advantages: there is no turning radius to take into account, and the solution gives a better sense of space. The integrated kitchen is separated from the living room in a semi-open solution, and the living room has a seating area and a dining area for four people.

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