Oslo – NRK Oslo and Viken – Bank employees arrested in a major police operation on local news, television and radio.

Oslo – NRK Oslo and Viken – Bank employees arrested in a major police operation on local news, television and radio.

Two of those arrested were Nordia employees. “We can further confirm that one of the detainees worked for Nav and another worked for Nav before,” police said on Tuesday afternoon.

A total of five people have been arrested and charged with gross corruption or complicity in the case. Four of the five arrested were working or working in Nordia and Now.

The investigation is at an early stage. A press release further said that it was too soon to go into details as the police believe what role the accused person has in this case.

Dismisses the charge

Sonja Skinnerland, director of work and services at Now, tells NRK about the arrest:

– We can confirm that we are well aware of the case. He said he did not want to comment on it now as the case is under police investigation.

Attorney Ola Lunde represents the current Nav staff. He says his client has been under investigation all day. The lawyer hopes he will be released in the evening or tomorrow.

– He has given his explanation to the police.

Lunde says the client did not identify himself in the charge based on corruption or complicity in corruption.

– He does not even identify himself in that description. He can not understand why this happened.

Kristen Flemman Johansson

Attorney Christian Flemingman Johansson.

Photo: Fouad Acharki / NRK

– Heavy and surprising

Attorney Christian Flemingman Johansson represents one of the two Nordia employees charged. He says his client was arrested at home.

– It came a little suddenly, he was arrested at home. He has now completed a preliminary investigation.

– How is he?

– It’s heavy and amazing. Beyond that it is difficult to describe.

– What can you say about the accusation?

– It is comprehensive and serious. But we approach it quietly and take it from there.

– The police want to clarify his role in this case, and he says he has no role in this case.

The police acted

More than 50 police were involved in the extensive operation Tuesday.

This is the background to the investigation that began after Nordia submitted a review in February this year.

– It’s a question of applying for a loan based on forged or forged documents, says police lawyer Christine Rustel.

Two of the five accused are Nordia employees.

– This should have happened from the beginning of 2018, and according to Nordia, a total of about NOK 150 million in debt has been paid, says police prosecutor Rustle.

The accused will now be questioned, but will not be produced in custody today, police said.

It was V.G. The case was first mentioned.

Police Attorney Christine Rustle.

Police Attorney Christine Rustle.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTBPhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

Two bank employees arrested

At eight o’clock at eight o’clock, the police started searching for the jobs of many Nordia employees in Majerstua.

– This is happening on the basis of conditions disclosed locally, which means we went to the police earlier this year to report the findings.

This is what Christian Stephenson, the director of communications at Nordia, says.

– These are the terms of the breach and the terms of the loan.

Christian Stephenson, Director of Communications at Nordia.

Christian Stephenson, Director of Communications at Nordia Norway.

Photo: Christine Cranpo / NRK Photo: Christine Cranpo / NRK

Stephenson also did not comment on whether they suspect bank employees were involved.

– Where did the two work?

– What can we say, they worked within a part of the business, which lent money.

Rustle would say nothing about the other three who were arrested and charged.

Police took action against several private addresses in Oslo on Tuesday morning.  Here from Greenland.

Neighbors confirmed to NRK that police acted against a private address in Greenland around 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Photo: Sverre Holm-Nilsen / NRK


The accused have been appointed as the following bodyguards: Carl Riber Mon, Ola Lunde, Annette Barlin, Soulwake Houghton and Christian Flemman Johansson.

NRK reports that many of them are being investigated.

– Annette Barlin says it is true that I was appointed to the case, but I can not comment on what position the client takes in the case in the media.

The NRK does not yet know how other detainees will react to the charges.

– Completely intolerant

Stephenson They take the matter very seriously.

– Nordea has zero tolerance for violating the rules and is now taking all necessary steps for both employees. Initially, they were suspended.

NRK has been in contact with kokrim and will not comment on whether they are involved in the case.

In an earlier version of this case, Nordia may appear to be the source of NRK for a sum of NOK 150 million, as mentioned in the case. In the new version of the article, this has been corrected, making it clear that the information is coming from the police.

Nordia's head office in Norway, in Majesty, Oslo.

Two of the five accused are bank employees in Nordia.

Photo: Christine Cranpo / NRK

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