Oslo: People shoot fireworks at police and buildings

Oslo: People shoot fireworks at police and buildings
Before midnight: Fireworks explode at Frognerparken in Oslo on Saturday evening.

So far, no serious injuries have been reported in connection with the New Year celebrations, but emergency services across the country are concerned.

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Case updated.

Oslo police reports that at 01:25 on Sunday night, they worked briefly in the Haugerud area.

– Unreasonable use of fireworks when firing at people and buildings. Police and vehicles were also fired upon without causing injury to anyone or anything. We are continuing our efforts in the area.

I found a firecracker in the window

A firecracker was thrown through a window at a private address in Christiansand, Oderhey.

No one was injured, but police rushed to the scene.

– They got a rocket through the window, but as far as I know, they don’t know who fired the rocket, operations manager Lynn Andreson tells VG.

Andresen says there is damage to windows and the inside of the house.

– We don’t know who did this, and we don’t know if it was an accident or if it was done on purpose, Andresen says.

In Kristiansand, fireworks are unreasonably bursting in the evening. Among other things, youths allegedly fired what they called “pig screams” into a bus.

The car also caught fire, which the police believe was caused by an exploding firecracker. The person behind it is a minor, so cannot be investigated, but the police are filing a case.

Teenagers said

In Larvik, police observed a teenage boy setting off fireworks at people in the city centre.

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The boy was reportedly evacuated from the area and his parents were notified.

Also in Oslo, a teenager was reported to have inappropriately set off fireworks at the bottom of Karl Johan.

Metro stations were closed

New Year’s Day was a long quiet evening for most police districts.

The Oslo Police District announced just before 9:00pm that it was a manageable start to the New Year’s celebrations.

At that time, fireworks were disproportionately set off in the last few hours in every fifth police mission.

Sporveien has closed Furuset and Ellingsrudåsen subway stations after fireworks exploded inside the stations on Saturday evening.

Stations are closed from Sunday morning till departure

Fireworks burst and hampered the rescue operation

In Hemsedal, the police and the municipality asked everyone in the area to refrain from using fireworks. Massive rescue operation after a skier goes missing.

The rescue helicopter and air ambulance involved in the search operation were hit by firecrackers.

Victoria Hillweg, operations manager at the South East Police District, tells VG at 01.00 it has been busy so far.

– He says that we have received reports from people who were shot by firecrackers and people who were set on fire outside the restricted area, but there were no major injuries.

Even in Møre and Romsdal, there are many reports of unwarranted use of fireworks.

– No injuries reported so far, but be mindful of the consequences.

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