Oslo Rings: A little pricey for everyone

Oslo Rings: A little pricey for everyone

Oslo had its first toll ring in 1990. It is Norway’s and Europe’s second toll ring, with only Bergen exiting earlier than our capital.

In 2019, the system was transformed into three different toll rings. Osloringen and the Indre ring have tolls in both directions. At the city limits, the collection is only in the direction towards Oslo.

When the system was changed, charging for electric cars was also introduced. Today, there is a distinction between three different groups of passenger cars: the standard rate applies to plug-in hybrids and cars with gasoline engines. Diesel cars have their own category, as do so-called zero-emission cars.

Very expensive for diesel cars

From March 1, a cautious price hike is in store. Here there are different rates for peak hours and off-peak hours.

Here the normal rate increases by one kroner: 28 to 29 kroner outside rush hour – and 34 to 35 kroner during rush hour.

A diesel car increases from NOK 32 to NOK 33 outside rush hour. Rush hour price will now be NOK 38 from NOK 37.

Electric cars will be left on site to rest. Here, it costs NOK 14 to pass outside rush hour, and NOK 17 more during rush hour.

NAF warns: Tolls will drive out those who have no choice

Many toll stations: Driving in Oslo costs money. From March 1, the price will also be slightly higher for non-electric car drivers.

20 percent off

Between 06.30 – 09.00 and 15.00 – 17.00, rush hour crossings are recorded. No additional charge will be made on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays or rush hour in July.

Vehicles with a valid user agreement with an Autopass provider receive a 20 percent discount on passes.

It is paid for a maximum of 60 crossings over city limits per calendar month. For the Osloringen and Indre ring, there is a general passage ceiling of 120 paid passages per calendar month.

Tariffs on electric cars have been introduced – and are rising fast

Time rule

The Oslo Ring and Inner Ring have a common hourly rule, where the road user is charged the highest recorded hourly toll.

The city border has its own hourly rule, so you only pay for crossing the city border within an hour. All toll booths are automated and passes are pending.

Like all other rebates, this one requires a valid user agreement and chip.

Update: These are the new fares on the three Oslo rings.

Update: These are the new fares on the three Oslo rings.

Three years of toll-free driving – and then the police pounced

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