Oslo will open for high-rise buildings up to 125 meters high

Oslo will open for high-rise buildings up to 125 meters high

We want to think about building more tall buildings in central locations with good public transportation coverage to prevent the city from spreading and shifting to cars. By building taller buildings in some places, we will be able to get lower buildings in others, says city consultant for urban development in Oslo Hanna E. Markusen (MDG) in a press release.

On Monday, the municipality sends a proposal for a new strategy for tall buildings to consultation. Today’s tallest building strategy is nearly 20 years old.

new strategy

The new strategy defines high-rise buildings as buildings over 42m in height, in contrast to the current strategy for tall buildings, which essentially allows for construction between 28 and 42m in height.

Open to the evaluation of tall buildings up to 125 meters high around Oslo S. Other designated areas must not contain buildings over 70 metres. In the current strategy, only more than 42 meters can be built in the areas around Oslo south, the municipality wrote.

Currently the tallest building in Oslo, Oslo Plaza, is 117 meters high.

thirteen regions

The plan identifies 13 areas of the city in which high-rise buildings can be considered, i.e. buildings over 42 meters in height. These are Storo, Økern, Helsfyr, Ensjø, Oslo S (Bjørvika, Bispevika, Vaterland), Sentrum nord (the stretch along Ring 1 between Vaterland and Holbergs plass), Lysaker, Skøyen, Majorstuen, Nydalen, Forskningsparken and Bryn.

Only Filipstad and Helsfyr are new areas, other areas are in high-rise strategy from before.

– It will not be free for high-rise buildings, on the contrary! They will be taken into account in each individual case and all high-rise buildings should be built as pilot projects with architecture, environment and sustainability in mind. Marcussen says it’s important that we build with good quality both outside and inside, and that tall buildings adapt to the surroundings where we are likely to allow them to.

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