– Our security is good – VG

- Our security is good - VG
MÅLSNIK: Eric Botteim destroyed for Bodø / Glimt last season. Transferred to a large club in Russia called Krasnodar. Russia is currently occupying Ukraine.

Former Klimt hero Eric Botteim, 22, signed to Grosnoder in December and is currently in Russia. This weekend match has been postponed due to the prevailing situation in the country.


– It is strange to see the news that such conditions are not far off here, Erik Botheim told VG on Thursday that Erik Botheim expelled his old club Celtic from the Europa Conference League a few hours ago.

– You get a little nervous when things like this happen in Europe. But I feel safe and live as usual. I don’t feel bad about the people in Europe, ”the 22-year-old points out.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not recommend a trip to Russia, which is 250 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. Podim is located 100 kilometers from Ukraine, but not far from the connected Crimean peninsula.

– The players on the team talk about it, but our security is good, the club takes care of us, Krasnodar says the situation is being closely monitored.

Locomotive Moscow is scheduled to visit Krasnodar on Sunday. Former Lillestrom player Magnus Nutsen (20) plays in Rostov, near the Ukrainian border. They will initially play in a home game against Krillia Sovjedo.

The Russian Premier League announced on Friday that the home matches of the two clubs have been postponed until further notice. The reason is that the airports in these cities are currently closed.

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Knudsen tells VG that the club did not allow him to comment on the situation, but his father John Nutsen Spoke with Romerikes Blad.

– We are certainly anxious and anxious, but Magnus calms us down by saying that he is very quiet in Rostov. He reads the Norwegian media and sees some of what is written, but he does not enjoy the scenario of being a playwright, who claims to have won 20 games for Norway between 2008 and 2011.

Russian media have suggested that foreign soldiers will leave the country after the invasion. Eric Botteim says he will stay in Russia until new news arrives.

Across the border, in Ukraine, many Brazilian football stars from clubs such as Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar Donetsk are in despair. They gathered at a hotel in the Ukrainian capital and asked for help to leave the country.

Brazilian journalist Arthur Giuseppe shares a video of the players Twitter. He received an audio clip from Shakhtar player Jr. Moraes.

– We are in despair! I request you to share this video so that it reaches the government. Borders and shores are closed, there is no fuel, there is a shortage of food. We stand together and wait for a plan so we can leave Ukraine, says Danish B.D..

The Ukrainian league has postponed the next matches.

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Many Ukrainian footballers have marked their opposition to Russia’s actions.

– My country belongs to the Ukrainians and no one can take it from us. We did not give up! Manchester City star Oleksandr Jinchenko writes on Instagram that it is a tribute to Ukraine.

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During a match between Benfica and Ajax in the Champions League on Wednesday, goalkeeper Roman Jarremszuk took off his pants. Below he was wearing a T-shirt with a Ukrainian coat of arms.

“I wanted to support my country,” he told AFP after the match.

Russian sports stars Fyodor Smolov, figure skater Yevgenia Medvedeva and chess player John Nebomniaschij have joined the war against their home country.

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