Out of stock again – but Barcelona’s profile won’t move to Camp Nou yet

Out of stock again - but Barcelona's profile won't move to Camp Nou yet

Along with Caroline Graham Hansen, the Milhouse girl had a very special evening at Camp Nou last week.

There were 91,553 spectators when the Barcelona women played for the first time at the Camp Nou with people in the stands and the number of spectators was a new world record in an official match for women’s football.

– You get a bit like “aha experiences” during a match. You play a game, you stop for a bit, look around and just think “Wow,” says Serstad Engin, who gave an interview to TV2 at the national team meeting a little later a week later.

– There were 91,000 of them for us Fans who know exactly who we He’s there to see we A play, the guy from Trøndelag tells about the experience.

For Caroline Graham Hansen, the CL quarter-final match at the Camp Nou was the “sickest” she’s ever had on a football field.

Caroline Graham Hansen had her most magical evening at the Camp Nou football stadium on March 30, 2022. Photo: Kristen Groening/TV2

Now it may seem that she got a new chance to experience an enchanting evening at the Camp Nou.

Already on the first day of ticket sales, Barcelona sold almost 80,000 tickets available for the semi-final match against Wolfsburg at the Camp Nou.

The tickets remaining so far will be reserved by UEFA and can go on sale later, as was the case in Barcelona’s quarter-final against Real Madrid.

– It’s quite sick if this can actually be recreated after only a few weeks at short intervals, says Graham Hansen, who took the Best Course title at Camp Nou last week.

– This means that people have eaten and want to recover what happened.

Match score at Old Trafford

The crowd party at Camp Nou is the only one in international women’s football recently.

The Parc des Princes was full when Paris Saint-Germain beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League. The Emirates Stadium hosted Arsenal, and Frieda Manum met Wolfsburg in the Champions League quarter-final recently.

In the Women’s Premier League, a league record 20,000 spectators were set at Old Trafford when Manchester United hosted Everton on Sunday 27 March.

Maria Thorisdottir at Manchester United's meeting with Everton at Old Trafford on March 27.  It was the first time that United's women's team was allowed to play at Old Trafford with spectators in the stands.  Photo: Andrew Yates

Maria Thorisdottir at Manchester United’s meeting with Everton at Old Trafford on March 27. It was the first time that United’s women’s team was allowed to play at Old Trafford with spectators in the stands. Photo: Andrew Yates

It’s a feeling that can’t be fully described. I was touched and very proud the moment I walked out, says Maria Thorsdottir of the moment I walked out to Manchester United.

“I think it was cool, there she is,” says Vilde Bøe Risa and smiles widely when asked about the experience of playing in Old Trafford itself.

She is also amazed by what happened at the Camp Nou and in general in women’s football these days.

– I think the last few weeks have been pretty huge. You really see the interest surrounding her now, says Ressa, and it’s the good football that’s also being served that’s getting interesting.

She watched the record-breaking match at the Camp Nou on TV and described it as a “massive experience”.

– Now they may have already sold 50,000 for the semi-finals. It’s only positive to see that there’s this interest around and we just hope it continues, says Bøe Risa.

A decrease of 86,000 spectators in three days

At home in the Spanish League, Barcelona has the highest spectator rate in the league in its matches with about 3000 spectators per game.

When Graham Hansen and Ingrid Sirstad Engin returned to their regular stadium Johan Cruyff Stadium on Saturday, which seats about 6000 spectators, there were less than 4,000 spectators in place to follow the meeting with Villarreal.

– It’s a little special when you leave that match with 90,000 and then come home with 5-6,000. But I think this is where you should start. Sirstad Engin says he may play the biggest matches at the Camp Nou.

FC Barcelona profiles Caroline Graham Hansen and Ingrid Sirstad Engin.  Photo: VEGARD GRØTT

FC Barcelona profiles Caroline Graham Hansen and Ingrid Sirstad Engin. Photo: VEGARD GRØTT

– If you played all the matches there, you probably wouldn’t have the same effect, you follow.

– 3000 in Johan Cruyff is better than the Camp Nou?

– Yes, it seems stupid to have 3,000 in such a large stadium – and we are very happy in our stadium too, answers Serstad Engin.

But the concerts of spectators around Europe recently gave hope for the future. Looking forward to this summer’s European Football Championship in England, the Wembley final has already been sold out and all tickets for the host country’s matches have been taken away.

– I think this is the beginning of something big, says Manchester United player Maria Thorsdottir.

– I feel the interest is there and so it’s about us to make a good product. The football that is being played now is at a very, very high level. As long as we keep playing and showing good football, people will likely look up to it, concludes his United teammate Buoy Ressa.

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