Out of the comfort zone – VG

Out of the comfort zone - VG
Veteran Blogger: Caroline Berg Eriksen.

TV 2 is sharpening its claws against NRK and “Maskorama” – and its celebrities who will sing live.


“Norway’s New Huge Success” is the title of Saturday’s new TV 2 project. Throughout the fall, six celebrities will compete to direct the country’s new single.

Each week, the participants, who are known for everything but their singing and songwriting skills, must perform the songs themselves. And every Saturday, with the fewest votes, she has to go home.

Participants are:

  • Caroline Berg Eriksen (34), influential
  • Helen Olafsen (31), athlete and program director
  • Odd-Magnus Williamson (41), comedian and actor
  • Abubakar Hussain (34), komiker
  • Einar Nelson (57), TV celebrity/”witty”
  • Maria Staffang (26 years old), comedian and influencer
Spent: Caroline Berg Eriksen.

“I think it’s very interesting to challenge myself and push myself a little outside my comfort zone,” says Caroline Berg Eriksen in an ad across the channel.

The blog star has always loved to sing, but he’s never done anything like that.

– So I’m really looking forward to it, at the same time I’m really excited. I think the concept is great, and I look forward to being a part of it,” says Eriksen.

Over the years, she has performed in amateur theater and home music productions in Sarpsburg, including “Grease” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

In fact, Eriksen has tried his hand at the pop star stunt before, nearly 12 years ago. Here’s the taste:

Odd-Magnus Williamson jokes that he only has one idea behind being involved in the new music concept.

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– For me, this is only about greed and the opportunity to earn hundreds of millions from a potential hit, he says.

Comedian: Odd-Magnus Williamson.

Helen Olafsen does not hide the fact that she is in deep water. Although she is happy, she thinks she has nothing to do there

I sweat every time I remember saying yes. The former “Sinckfield” host says there’s just something about talent not being tied to will.

EX-SNOWBOARDER: Helen Olafsen.

Abu Hussein has always dreamed of becoming an artist, and he does not rule out that this will come true now. It’s still realistic.

– I’m afraid to go out in front of everyone, he says.

Dreams: Abu Bakr “Abu Bakr” Hussein.

Einar Nelson has won on TV before. He went To the top in “Shall We Dance”. In 2018. It remains to be seen if he performs with the same strength now.

Music is one of the best things in life. What could be better than being able to create it and perform it live? I think so I He should be allowed to participate in this, says the “It’s home time” profile.

Music Lover: Einar Nelson.

Maria Stavang is happy to be sharper, and she thinks she’s the right lady in the right place.

– I am not an artist, which is why I think I am very suitable for this competition, she says.

Influences: Maria Stavang is a celebrity on social media.

More celebrities will appear, because every time a participant has to leave the show, a new participant comes as a challenger. In the end, it is the viewers who decide the winner.

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Get professional help

However, optimists are not entirely left to themselves. Well-known musicians, experts, and producers line up as assistants.

Mentors are Liz Karlsnes (41), Danielle Kavman (33), Ole Effenrod (58), Kristen Danke (37), Regina “Mira” Tucker (26) and Stian “Steisman” Thorbjornsen (39).

The producers are Anders Nielsen (33), Jesper Burgen (33), Gucci Caliente (26), Eric Smaland (35) and Matthias Nielsen (21).

Erik Solbakken (36), currently with “LEGO Masters”, will be the host.

“Norway’s new megahit” will be shown on November 20 – two weeks after the start of “Maskorama” season two on the state channel. TV 2 must first come ashore with “Skal vi danse”.

TV 2 knows they have a tough competition in NRK Mega magnet “Mskorama”.

“Maskorama” is a great TV concept, which is sure to be a hit this fall as well, says TV 2’s Program Editor, Catherine Haldorsen.

– What pleases me the most is viewers’ choice of Norwegian channels with Norwegian content, as we see them now on Saturdays, where “Star Wars” and “We’ll Dance” have a very good viewership. Collectively, “Maskorama” and “The New Massive in Norway” will certainly reach a very large audience, says Halldorsen, who thinks it’s especially cool to be able to offer a new, self-developed initiative.

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