Out towards Støre and Stenseng in an internal labor meeting: – More and more people are walking around and waiting

Out towards Støre and Stenseng in an internal labor meeting: – More and more people are walking around and waiting

Jonas Gahr Støre (Ap) had to endure harsh criticism at a representative council meeting in his own party group Oslo Arbeiderparti.

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At the meeting on October 24, the summary of the election campaign was the central topic.

Oslo saw their own city council leader, Raymond Johansson, hand over the office and power to the Conservatives after eight years – and Labor made its worst choice nationally in nearly 100 years.

One of the most outspoken in his criticism was Fredrik Mellem, the former head of the Oslo Arbeitersamfun.

– I now see Labor as two things: a restoration object and a waiting room, and more of us will see the end of the waiting store/Stenseng era so we can start the restoration work. Mellam said, according to multiple sources present at the meeting.

Straight from Levra: Frédéric Mellum took to the podium and spoke candidly about what he thinks of his party's current crisis.

Mellam, who is currently the general secretary of the European movement, did not want to comment on the case to VG.

The Board of Representatives is the highest body of Oslo Aps between the annual meetings and includes, among others, the City Council Committee, local committee leaders and district committee politicians.

Viji is aware that other criticisms have also come from the forum:

  • Frustration at the lack of a nationally coordinated program that could raise support.
  • Merit cases took the focus away from politics — and local politicians had to spend a lot of time discussing merit in meetings with voters.
  • A clear desire to have been part of the SV Govt.
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Ask for feedback

But it was the outspoken criticism of the party leadership that drew the most attention in many assemblies.

The election defeat in September has led to internal discontent and demands for a formal purge – but Storr is reluctant to call it a “crisis”.

He said he will also be evaluated after the election.

– We are going to evaluate, we have to go through everything and everyone. me too Prime Minister Jonas Karstor (Apr) said that I and the administration should comment on the work done.

As Viji mentioned earlier, the party sent out a large membership survey on the election. There is no separate question about the party leader.

Crisis numbers

In 2015, it received 33.2 percent support in municipal elections. This year they finished at 21.6 and lost mayors in all major cities except Tromsø.

The picture did not improve much on Monday evening, with a TV2 poll showing a drop from 20.6 in October to a now crisis-ridden 16.8 percent, while the Conservatives cautiously increased their support to 27.5.

It comes after the party hoped government changes would boost Ap – two months after conservative leader Erna Solberg was under severe pressure after her husband Sindre Finne traded shares while he was prime minister.

– Open and complete process

The Prime Minister’s Office quotes APS Party Secretary Kjersti Stenseng to comment on the matter:

Free Forward: All members are welcome to voice their opinion, says Stenseng.

– The Labor Party has an open and thorough evaluation process where all members can participate with their views. We have no comment on claims from otherwise anonymous sources.

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Change: Store changed the team on October 16, but so far it hasn't made any progress in the polls.
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