Outside Celebrity Ranch: Sick

Outside Celebrity Ranch: Sick
DUEL: Elin Tvedt and Marit Adeleide Andreassen ended in an ax throwing duel.

Another participant had to leave Farmen kjendis: – It was annoying, she said.


A glimpse into reality Alexander Satterstoll, 27, was the biggest farmer this week, and his first choice fell on actress Marit-Adelaide Andreessen (56).

But Andreessen did not want to quit. On the Sunday programme, she thus chose a runner-up that she believed she could win, as she explains in the episode. The choice falls on the presenter, Elaine Tvedt (49).

– It was really frustrating. I was not at all ready for this, but of course someone should have been there, but no, I didn’t like it, says Tvedt about his election.

As a runner-up, you have to choose a branch to compete in. Tvedd chooses to throw the axe.

-I always thought before I entered the ‘farm’ that I had to practice things beforehand, but I could never do that, so I was annoyed that I had no practice in throwing the axe, she says, adding to:

– I got out. It was sad, because if I didn’t go out, I might have become a big cultivator. That says something about margins.

Exit: Elaine Tvedt thinks it’s disappointing to be chosen as a runner-up.

Andreessen managed to collect two points during the ax throw, and thus emerged victorious.

Her motivation for retaining her spot in “Farmen kendis” was that she wanted to go back and “start over”, having struggled to “find a foothold” in what she should be, as she explains in the episode. She thinks she may have upset someone on the farm more than she realizes, before it’s too late.

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Now I would like to clean things up with some people, talk to them a little bit, hear a little bit about what happened and things like that. Maybe she’ll be allowed to start over, she says on the show before she gets into a duel.

Won: Marit-Adelaide Andreessen won the ax throwing duel when she managed a two-point shot.

On Sunday’s episode, Sæterstøl said there wasn’t really a specific reason why he chose Andreassen as the first champion, but that the choice should have fallen to someone.

– The fact that Marit feels left out is very hard to hear. I don’t want anyone to be sad, he said near the end of the episode.

STORBONDE: Aleksander Sæterstøl was very proud of the whole group after the week gone by – and glad they ran the task of the week.

But Andreassen has a chance to start over, while Tvedt has to leave the farm.

When she got home, she felt her stay was over, but perhaps not in the way she expected. Tvedt was called in sick.

– I used to milk cows all the time. I milked every day, morning and night, so I eventually got sore and abrasive hands on my hands, and I didn’t want to say it. Then I continued to milk, because I didn’t want to show weakness, she tells VG.

– In the end, I had to do it, because then it hurt me very much, so I didn’t know what to do.

I felt it when I got home.

– I already called in sick when I got home, because my hands didn’t work. There were a few weeks where I had to stay calm.

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Last week was a comedy Espen lervag who had to leave the farm.


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