May 28, 2022


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Over 5 billion kroner lost in Bitcoin - municipality refused to consider

Over 5 billion kroner lost in Bitcoin – municipality refused to consider

A British citizen who lost his 5.1 billion kronor worth of cryptocurrency has asked for crisis assistance from a company that previously helped NASA retrieve data from the Columbia spaceship after it crashed in 2013.

Have great confidence that they can recover the data

It’s probably not impossible that we’ve all tried every conceivable method to get back such an insane amount of money. The desperate man is James Howells, 36, who hopes to see you, the company that once helped NASA, retrieve data from a landfill.

Ontrack believes there is an 80 to 90 percent chance that Howells will be able to withdraw the money if there is no crack in the counter. It’s just a problem, and it has nothing to do with technology.

The municipality refuses

The 36-year-old city council refuses to look for the ether disk, even though he has been promised a quarter of the billions out of the total if he succeeds. Howells threw the disc in 2003. Howells says he and On Track signed a contract regarding what happens if the content cannot be recovered.

Even with a market well below $60,000, $47,000 is still a lot of money if he chooses to cash in right away. And he must if the money is promised.

The council says the search for the disk will cost millions of pounds and is therefore irrelevant because discoveries cannot be guaranteed, and also due to environmental considerations, it says from the municipality who do not wish to change their position.

We wrote about the case again 2013:

He threw a bitcoin mining machine on the heap. sorry for that now. With today’s bitcoin exchange rate over $1,000, the value of the content on the device is around 45 million NOK. Howl’s machine was buried under many meters of trash, in a rubbish heap the size of a football field in Newport, Wales in the United Kingdom.

ITavisen, November 2013