Owner withdraws – NRK Culture & Entertainment

Owner withdraws – NRK Culture & Entertainment

– After a thorough study, we came to the conclusion that we are not leaving the reservation, says Einar Sørland at Hellerudsletta Eiendom for NRK.

In the past week, there has been a lot of interest around the huge festivals that have been planned at Hellerudsletta in Lillestrøm. Festivals with 140 international artists are planned with a capacity of 50,000 spectators per day.

The main production company AS Behind Festivals, was established earlier this year. Marius Christiansen has been listed as General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors as of June 21.

When NRK contacted Christiansen on Friday, he was just notified that Hellerudsletta Eiendom is withdrawing.

– He came suddenly to us, he says.

He believes there is a breach of their letter of intent to negotiate, and says they will sue Hellerudsletta Eiendom.

Screenshot from a Facebook event.
Image: screenshot from Facebook.

– A new place is coming

Christiansen claims that by no means have the festivals been canceled and says they are in the process of finding a new venue for the events.

– We’ve had offers along the way for other arenas we’re considering instead of Hellerudsletta. He says, we will solve that very quickly.

There will be a new place, and it won’t be long before we’re done with it.

Hellerudsletta Eiendom has entered into a letter of intent with Marius Christiansen to lease Hellerudsletta next summer, but has not signed a definitive contract, as it lacks any details.

One of the prerequisites for this to happen is that it be a high-quality festival, says Suerland.

Sørland will not comment to NRK about why they have now chosen not to leave booking for the main production.

– There are relations between us and the main production, we will not go out with it, according to him.

Sørland says they wrote a letter of intent because they think the idea of ​​festivals like this where you can use the same platform multiple times is very good.

– This means that you have significant savings and logistical gains. He says this basic idea is good.

equal ambitions

According to the plan, everything was to take place at “X Meeting Point” in Hellerudsletta just outside Oslo, where up to ten stages and tents were to be built. A festival area was also to be built for an after party every day.


Hellerudsletta in the municipality of Lillestrøm.

Photo: Ola Hanna/NRK

Marius Christiansen notes that he has previously booked everything from the little little things in bars to the Park Theatre, Jacob’s Church, has been in productions up to Centrum Theatre, Rockefeller and has a relatively extensive background with nightlife in all its forms.

Despite the fact that Hellerudsletta is no longer relevant, the level of ambition remains the same.

– It will be the same range and we will accept the same offer. But it’s still a little early for us to get into the details. He says we have some great cards on hand which we are going to work with.

Sold a few hundred tickets

Screenshot from Facebook.
Photo: screenshot

Three of the festivals, Project X, SunBliss, and Main, have already been launched. According to the organizer, the first festival will take place on July 5, 2022. Tickets for the main production were issued at the beginning of August.

So far, I think I’ve sold a few hundred tickets, says Christiansen.

Some tickets have a price of 15,000 kroner, they are sold through the agency Eventim.

Norwegian and international artists

There are many Norwegian artists on the festival plants. Vibeke Bruff and MGP artist Jorn say they have received a contract from the organizer.

– The contract is concluded as usual, and we are dealing with it until further notice. There was nothing unusual between the organizer and the reservation, and all contract negotiations and communications went as usual, says artist Jörn Land.

Jorn during dress rehearsal at the 2021 Melody Grand Prix, on February 20.
Photo: Julia Marie Naglstad/NRK

Other artists are still waiting for a decade.

As far as you know NRK, the organizer also booked 15 unknown bands from a booking agency in Spain. The booking agency will not answer to NRK as to whether it has signed, received or paid contracts.

“We’ve already planned to release 15 big titles this week, but now we’re waiting to have a final location,” Christiansen told NRK Friday night.

Screenshot from a Facebook event.
Image: screenshot from Facebook.

Those who have purchased are entitled to a refund

They have yet to receive any inquiries about this company, attorney Carolyn Skardrud, at the Consumer Council, says.

She continues, saying that if as a consumer you purchased tickets to a festival and it didn’t work out, you have clear consumer rights. If you buy a festival ticket or event ticket, you have the right to have everything go according to plan.

– If the event is canceled by the organizer, you are entitled to a full refund. If the organizer goes bankrupt, it is a pity that there will not be much to pick up in the bankruptcy estate, then you are left with the option to claim the card and it is the right to go to your bank if you pay for tickets by card.

So they always recommend consumers to pay by card.

Do you have any other tips on what to do before buying these tickets?

It is always wise to do research especially if there are new players in the market. Then, doing a quick Google search is just good advice to see if others have experience with the company, says Consumer Council attorney Carolyn Skardrud.

Caroline Skardrud, an attorney at the Consumer Council.

Caroline Skardrud, an attorney at the Consumer Council.

Photo: Consumer Council

Nordic Choice withdrew as sponsor

In the initial phase, the organizer established Nordic Choice Hotels as sponsor of the festival, after dialogue and several meetings with the hotel chain. The hotel chain’s logo was clearly visible on the posters and in the promotional video. But they also withdrew.

– We have had a dialogue with the organizer, but the information is suspended and the information we need to enter into cooperation is suspended. Without a formal agreement, we don’t want to be mentioned in festival marketing, says Nordic Choice Hotels’ Press Director.

Realizing the scale of the festival, and not believing that it was possible, they asked the organizer to remove the hotel chain from the label.

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