Oyon Krug, Tinder | Øyunn Krogh warns followers about fake Tinder profile

Oyon Krug, Tinder |  Øyunn Krogh warns followers about fake Tinder profile

Warnings have surfaced several times recently from celebrities about fake profiles or advertising posts under their name on social media.

Celebrities have been misused, among other things, in advertisements for diet pills and false investment advice, and many have chosen to go out on social media to warn their followers.

Now TV personality and influencer Øyunn Krogh (27) is also issuing a warning in a post on her Instagram story post, after discovering a fake profile on the dating app Tinder with her name.

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Fake tinder profile arranges dates

Krug wrote to her 73,000 followers that someone was pretending to be her on the dating app, and that she had become aware of the problem.

Krogh claims in the posts that a person must have planned dates through a dating app and then not show up when the date is due.

Good evening, Norway Mention it first.

Furthermore, Krug writes that it is a very bad joke, and he asks people to be aware.

Øyunn Krogh has not yet responded to Nettavisen’s inquiries.

Unusual Tinder experiment revealed

Krogh was with Levi Try (25) until late summer 2022, and after they went their separate ways, the TV profile moved into the dating market. However, it is not always with the same success.

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During Gullruten earlier this year, Krug was able to tell Nettavisen that his dating life hadn’t gone entirely smoothly.

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– I really hope to get a good answer, but it’s not going well. It doesn’t work, it doesn’t exist, she responded to Nettavisen when asked about a love life update.

– I’m on Tinder, but I don’t go on dates, she added.

However, she did make a few exceptions, telling Nettavisen about a somewhat unusual experience on her Tinder date.

– I was on one date, and he prepared 20 questions about “all of Norway’s Oyon Krog”. She says it was too much.

– You didn’t like it?

– no I did not. But he was very nice, that is.

But as fun as that was, Krug didn’t see a future with the person in question. And it wasn’t because of the many questions she faced during the appointment.

– When you’re 27 and dating, you’ll quickly notice if it works or not. She says, I learned what I’m looking for.

– And you haven’t found it yet?

– I haven’t found it yet, no, Krug tells Netavien.

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Looking for a useful partner

As mentioned, in the late summer of 2022, Krug and Trey go their separate ways after three years as lovers.

By September, the 27-year-old could reveal to Nettavisen that she was slowly beginning to transition into the dating market and was open to finding a new flirt.

– I’m starting to move into the dating market. So we’ll see what happens. She said at the time, I am completely new to this.

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At the same time, the influencer said that the dating application Tinder was not quite right for her, and he would prefer that the path to a date with her go through a meeting in real life. Krug also manages to reveal to Nettavisen what she’s looking for in a new boyfriend.

– By being kind and helpful. “I guess that’s what I’m going for now,” she said with a smile on her face.

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