Øyunn (25) posted a provocation on Instagram – then the post was deleted:

Øyunn (25) posted a provocation on Instagram - then the post was deleted:

The use of the n-word in the season premiere of The Farm Celebrity He made comment fields blaze, and he put the racism debate back on the agenda.

When word was spoken in the courtyard, after the episode aired last week, influencer and former Sommerhytta winner Øyunn Krogh, 25, raised her voice against racism on several forums.

He also tags her in her social media inbox. In the past week, she has received several messages with hateful content. These are either directed at her as a person, or her attempts – and others – to suppress racism.

Find out why Krogh would consider getting a pin in the video window at the top of the box.

Post hate on Instagram

The 25-year-old was so provoked, that she chose to post a selection from her inbox, as well as similar messages from public comment fields Sunday night.

Posted on Instagram: Øyunn decided to post the messages she received, as well as a selection of comments from Instagram’s public comment fields. Photo: screenshot

– The reason for publishing it was not to encourage sympathy for me. He would have said, ‘Look at this! That’s why we have to keep raising our voices. It was an attempt to expose the problem we already have in society,’ Krug tells TV 2.

Krug says she is often told to take her anti-racist commitment too far, and that society has gone further than she would imply.

This is evidence that this is not true. We still have a long way to go to get what should have been the norm: a racism-free society, she continues.

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This post has been removed

On Monday, Instagram removed the post, possibly because it was reported enough times.

– It’s interesting if someone chooses to report it, but comment fields and hateful content there are allowed. The 25-year-old says it’s ridiculous and adds:

Removed: On Monday, Øyunn's post was removed from Instagram.  Photo: private

Removed: On Monday, Øyunn’s post was removed from Instagram. Photo: private

– Some of course may have reacted to the fact that I posted my full name, but only two of these messages were instant messages, while the rest were taken from public comment fields. People may not agree with my decision, and I respect that, but that’s another discussion, says Krug.

appeared again

On Tuesday, the post popped up suddenly, with this message from Instagram:

Repost: Øyunn's post resurfaced when Instagram manually rated it.  Photo: private

Repost: Øyunn’s post resurfaced when Instagram manually rated it. Photo: private

“We can allow hate speech to be shared when it is done to challenge or raise awareness of the content. In such cases, we ask that you clarify the purpose of the content.”

– I asked for a manual review of the post when it was blocked, which they clearly did. I was hoping they would make that decision, and I’m very happy with that, says Krug.

She is happy that so many showed their support and shared the post.

– I’m glad the post was viewed as I would have liked it to be. The 25-year-old says we should keep talking.

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