Øyunn Krogh: — very weak

Øyunn Krogh: — very weak

Through the TV series “Sommerhytta”, the people of Norway became acquainted with the then beloved couple Oyon Krug (28) and Levi Tree (25). The duo went on to come out on top, winning both the final and the summer cottage they built themselves.

However, in August last year, it became known that Krug and Trey had ended their relationship, shortly after they bought their first apartment together.

On the rumors of infidelity: – Absolutely terrible

After only two months apart, Se og Hør can reveal that Krogh has found fling with a mystery man, but the 28-year-old is now back on the dating market, which she thinks is “insanely scary”.

– It’s so scary to throw yourself into it! She told Se og Hør.

Choose it yourself: Oyon Krug he had a flirtation with last fall, but he can tell he doesn’t anymore. Reporter: Jenny Emily S. Video: Luna Lea / Red Runner
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– Some nonsense

Despite his insecurities, Krug is no stranger to going on a date, and when the influencer’s girlfriend Sophie Elise Isaksen (28) invited him on a so-called “Tinder date,” Krug didn’t mind asking. However, Krug and her knights were no match for it.

- He was shocked

– He was shocked

– I quickly realized he was there just for fun. And when you’re more vulnerable and single, that feels a little bad, she says, and follows up with another example of a bad date:

– It’s a little strange when I don’t know anything about the person I’m meeting, but they can tell a lot about me. I was on a date recently with someone who prepared 20 questions about “the whole of Norway’s Oyon Krog”, which is not quite what I want.

Green flags: What are called green flags? We asked, among others, Ojon Krogh, Isabelle Eriksen and Hasse Hopp. Video: Jennie Emily S/The Reality Awards.
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The influencer also says that she sometimes gets more attention in the city than she used to. However, she describes herself as a person who is good at weeding out those who don’t have good intentions.

See also  Damley's tone about having to avoid her daughter:

– I feel good at smelling when there are owls in the swamp, but you never know. In town, I notice someone has their arm a little tight around me, so it’s sloppy. But also a little luxurious. Have not decided yet! laugh.

- It seems so far away

– It seems so far away

wants a girlfriend

Despite the fact that her dating experiences don’t always live up to expectations, the 28-year-old says she’s enjoyed a single life, though she’s now realized she’s In reality Girlfriend.

– I’ve found that I really enjoy having a girlfriend.

flash: Øyunn Krogh lifts the veil on his dating life. Correspondent: Victoria Lovek. Video: Nora Skafog.
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– One you can build another cabin with?

– no! I certainly wouldn’t. Here’s a tip: If you want to be with your lover forever, don’t subscribe to “Sommerhytta,” she says, laughing.

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