January 31, 2023


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P3 Gold, Victoria Nadine |  Opens up about her relationship with Kaiko: - My family loves him

P3 Gold, Victoria Nadine | Opens up about her relationship with Kaiko: – My family loves him

H3 Arena, Fornebu (Nettavisen): On Saturday evening, this year’s P3 Gold will be held, the annual awards ceremony featuring top Norwegian artists and celebrities.

Artist Victoria Nadine, 23, was among those who appeared on the yellow carpet. However, she appeared without her boyfriend Kyko or Kirre Corwell-Dahl (31).

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Recently, the artiste confirmed that she and the DJ are lovers and revealed to Netavision that she has never felt this way for anyone before.

– Never felt this way before

In front of Nettavisen on Saturday evening, the 23-year-old reveals more details about the relationship, including that she feels something very special for the “Higher Love” DJ.

– You fell in love earlier in life, but this is the first time I know that I love someone and am loved. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a feeling and I’ve never felt anything like it,” Nadine says with an open mind.

When asked if the pair would produce music together, the artiste did not hide the possibility.

Maybe sometime in the future, but now I have to do my thing, because the way it started, it will continue for some time.

Watch the full interview with Victoria Nadine:

They have met the in-laws

Nadine may also reveal that Kiko has already met her parents.

– My family loves him. They see him making me happy, so they are happy,” the 23-year-old tells Netavisane.

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However, Kirrey won’t be celebrating Christmas with his family, and the “Be Right” artist thinks it’s too early. However, the couple will celebrate the New Year together, but not in Norway.

– We’re going somewhere, but we don’t know where yet.