Pakistani auto factory will start production of Samsung mobile phones

Pakistani auto factory will start production of Samsung mobile phones

Pakistan Lucky Motor Company (LMC), jointly owned by Lucky Cement Company Limited and Kia, received a clear signal From the Pakistan Telecom Authority to manufacture mobile phones under the Samsung brand.

The authorization was ready less than a month later Agreement between Samsung and LMC became known. The agreement gives LMC the opportunity to produce, among other things, 4G mobile phones in its home country. Production is expected to start in December at the LMC Automobile Plant in the Bin Qassim Industrial Complex in Karachi.

Opens to export products

Samsung mobile phones produced by LMC are likely to be sold primarily in Pakistan, but the license is open for sale in and out of the region.

Samsung is not the only mobile phone provider focusing on local production in Pakistan. Suppliers such as Vivo, Oppo, Airlink, Transsion, Inovi, Tecno and G-five are doing just that, and to date more than 25 million 4G mobile phones have been produced in the country.

From a car to a mobile phone

According to the record This is not the first case that Samsung has focused on domestic production. 95 percent of Samsung mobile phones sold in Bangladesh in 2018 were produced in Bangladesh.

LMC produces regular Kia cars. Why the company now chooses to use factory capacity to produce mobile phones rather than cars is unclear. But the record suggests that increased prices for both steel and other raw materials, as well as the fact that shipping costs have skyrocketed during the pandemic, may be part of the reason.

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