Parallel Mothers movie review: Witty – VG

Parallel Mothers movie review: Witty - VG
Women in the Kitchen: Melina Smit (left) and Penelope Cruz in Parallel Mothers.

Pedro Almodovar (72 years old) takes the shape of his life.



“Parallel Mothers” (“Madres paralelas”)

Spain. 12 years. Director: Pedro Almodovar

Med: Penelope Cruz, Melina Smit, Rossi de Palma, Israel Eligaldi

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Janice (Penelope Cruz) is a Madrid-based fashion photographer, and portrays forensic anthropologist Arturo (Israel Eligalde). They have a drink after work, and she told him about her grandfather. was killed during Spanish Civil WarIt is located in a mass grave.

She asks Arturo for help with what has been going on in the family for a long time: digging up the grave and identifying the bodies, so that the family can “be together in death.”

Arturo can help, and even promise to lead the work. They go to bed and carry Janice. She is approaching the age of forty and thinks this is her last chance and decides to have children. She also decided to raise it herself.

Double Happiness (U): Melina Smit (left) and Penelope Cruz in Parallel Mothers

In the maternity clinic, Janice was introduced to the younger Anna of two decades (Melina Smit). They give birth at the same time, and they promise to keep in touch. It takes a while before Janice discovers that someone has confused her and Anna’s children while the newborns were under observation in the hospital. The daughter she carried on her chest is not her daughter. Hey Anas.

Before Janice could recover, Anna returned to her life. She has come of age and has moved away from home, changing her appearance to something more androgynous. The already chaotic situation is getting more and more complicated for reasons that we cannot reveal here. We’re keen to say that Almodóvar has many surprises up his sleeve, the kind that are truly impossible to predict.

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Mother’s Love: Rossi de Palma (left) and Penelope Cruz in Parallel Mothers.

‘Parallel mothers’ have elements of psychological thriller-style Hitchcock And more typical melodramas with surreal overtones. But it doesn’t stop there, and it’s not the intricacies associated with the births that are the film’s deepest mission.

The liquidated great-grandfather and the family of Janis and Arturo will go back to history. Then “Parallel Mothers” became sort of a third film: a particularly poignant story about the bitter legacy of the Spanish Civil War in particular – and the collective historical memory in general. (“Parallel mothers” have undoubtedly gained a lot of importance in light of what is happening in Europe these days.)

And for some color: Melina Smit (left) and Penelope Cruz in Parallel Mothers.

Almodovar, one of the most prominent representatives of art that exploded in freedom after the dictator, rarely owns Francisco Franco He died in 1975, and he was an outspoken politician as here. He seldom played it loud – and very obliging. Rarely has he been more ambitious in the way he weaves his images of women into a larger historical web.

Visually, technically and aesthetically, we are of course in good hands. Every scene in “Parallel Mothers” seems appropriately appropriate. Even the seemingly insignificant scraps — of Cruz pressing his index finger on a computer mouse, or slicing carrots in the kitchen and sampling saliva — are both luxurious. And the stuffed with meaning.

Moment of Truth: Rossi de Palma, Israel Eligalde, Penelope Cruz and Melina Smit (from left) in Parallel Mothers.

Yes, there are plenty of “parallel moms” events in the kitchen. Where does family and clan history unfold more clearly than there? It’s in Janice’s kitchen warehouse Potato omelette According to the same recipe that her grandmother once used, before and after the phalanx she gave her husband a bullet in the forehead.

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Threads–thriller, family melodrama, angry political confrontation–run up in the final scene that will linger in consciousness for a very long time. witty movie

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