PARKENFESTIVALEN, CULTURE | Children love it. But it’s just moths

PARKENFESTIVALEN, CULTURE |  Children love it.  But it's just moths

There is a kind of tension associated with what you will actually experience when an artist with a very limited catalog is on stage.

Subwoolfer’s yellow-clothed room wolves have two songs – 2 – in the Spotify catalog: the MGP hit song “Give That Wolf A Banana” and the follow-up song “Melocoton (a Donka Dunk song)”. The latter did not reach above 97th place on Spotify’s Norwegian list, nor did it come close to entering VG’s list, Norway’s official target list.

In 2018, we saw a similar limited catalog in Bodø, when former footballer Mads Hansen performed at Optor with his hit song “Sommerkarpen”. He brought former Glimt profile Trond Olsen, today AN’s Glimt expert, onto stage and created a violent life.

To some extent, the yellow wolves did, too. Kids love it.

But it’s just moths.

It started with an astronaut dressed in golden clothes, before the yellow wolves appeared. They opened with “Melocoton (Donka Donk’s Song)”, after the most enthusiastic “subcubs” advanced in front of the stage before their ascent.

As a longtime boy band fan, it’s not hard to hear that A1 star Ben Adams is the one behind one of the yellow wolves. And even though it’s been 19 years since he lost to Kurt Nielsen in Idol, Gaute Ormåsen has such a distinctive voice that rumors that he’s the other wolf must be true. It’s impossible to tell if the two were on stage in the park.

They stand completely motionless at the beginning of their scheme. Some arm movements that are meant to be dance steps appear during the song. There’s more movement on the song “Dragma,” with the following line of text: “Those slender ankles, that flowing dress, those peeps falling off your chest, you’re no longer standing, not like before, but we don’t care, we’ll eat them straight off the floor». It’s something to be alarmed about.

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They present a forgettable cover version of the “fairy tale” of fellow MGP Alexander Ryback.

Then comes what everyone has been waiting for. There are shouts and howls as the first notes of “Give That Wolf A Banana” leak from Rensåsen’s speakers. There is a high singing factor. The atmosphere is good. But the song is very horrific. I’m still embarrassed that we sent this to Europe.

There is only one thing that saves them from seeing the dice with one eye. There are big smiles on the kids in front of the main platform. Because there is no doubt that there are many “sub-blocks”, and they got what they came for.

Then it’s worse for the rest of us. Fortunately, we had several days left in the park, and it is supposed to offer better musical experiences than the ones Subwoolfer gave us.

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