Parking, Oslo | Bart (41) saw this sticker in the car window: – It was very annoying

Parking, Oslo |  Bart (41) saw this sticker in the car window: - It was very annoying

(Avisa Oslo): On Monday afternoon, Bart Nyland (41) had a sticker pasted on his car. It read “Stop Forbidden – shit parking award”.

The car was parked at Schous in Grünerløkka and had a sticker on the windshield.

– I think I worked for three and a half hours to remove the sticker. It was so annoying, Nylund resigned.

Avisa insists to Oslo that he has been legally suspended.

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– City without car

This sticker has been mentioned many times on Twitter and many believe that it is the person associated with the account “Sykkelmafi’n”.

Nylund, who has been a Labor politician for many years and is now the department head of the LO, believes activists are behind the sticker on his car.

– I think some activists working for a car-free city could be behind it. But I want to know who they are, he says.

It may seem that Nyland will get an answer as to who one of the distributors of the sticker is. One of the sellers of the brand is former lawyer Peng Eric Waldo (41).

– Boredom

When Avisa contacted Oslo Waldo, he said he was a spokesman for the activists, but did not want to reveal who was behind the idea.

– We are a crowd of cyclists, they are tired of the wrong parking, especially on the bike lane and sidewalk, which is an obstacle for those who use the soft road. He says this is a big problem with improper parking, but the Urban Environment Agency does very little.

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– So you take the matter into your own hands?

– Yes, this is a friendly reminder to stop legally.

– Nyland tells Avisa Oslo that he is legally stopped and that the sticker is well attached. What do you think about it?

– Getting off should be easy. It does not refer to carnality, so we’re very sorry if you enjoyed it. But at the same time, we cannot be responsible for which cars people attach stickers to, and they are free to do so, says Waldo.

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It is not known who the partners are

– Do you have no control over who sticks to the scores?

– No, we have no control over that. People are buying stickers, and that too is spreading.

– Don’t they have to be bicycle enthusiasts?

– No, both cyclists, pedestrians and motorists buy stickers.

– Then what about you?

– No, I’m scared, so I’m not a cyclist or a motorist. But I bang in public.

– What is the reason for keeping secret who started this?

– I think people are scared. This city has a lot of frantic motorists.

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