Party riots across the country: – Across Texas

Party riots across the country: - Across Texas

– This is all Texas.

Sindre Molnes, operations manager at the Morre og Romsdal police district, says this at three o’clock.

He talks about a lot of work in the district on Sunday night.

– It’s more than normal, he says.

He talks about “a lot of disorder” in addition to the many physical injuries that result from fights.

– Confusion and confusion

The biggest party in his district took place in Elesund, where about 100 young people gathered.

– It was confusing and confusing, and there were a lot of young people who were drunk, says Molnus.

Molnus believes the start of the study had an impact on the number of missions.

– It’s probably a little different. It starts with good weather and school student festivals and sponsorship weeks, he says.

More than 40 tasks

Ceremony: The police report that about 2000 young people in Friday Frognarbergun were gathered to party. There are several units on the site regarding harassment and fights. Video: Swin Diptal
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It was also a hectic night for police in Oslo.

– We had And so on Several house parties tonight, Operations Manager German Stockley tells Duckbladt at three o’clock.

He says they set off on 40 missions related to the disruption of night rest from 10pm to 3am. Stockley hopes there will still be.

– We often enjoy being outside for ten to twelve hours. Among other things, there are reunion parties at Frockenberg and Sofianberg. After twelve, home parties often begin, Stockley says.

Of the many tasks he mentioned, not only one, but many neighbors have complained about the amount of noise.

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Capture the music

– We have done something with some complaints, but not all, Stockley says, and the Oslo Police used to be busy on Saturday nights, but it was more than normal last night.

Other police districts in the country have reported a number of incidents involving parties, including fights in Troms, a threatening situation in Hurstad, and many others being evicted from Trondheim city center and one person reportedly beating a guard.

– There seems to be a whole party in the whole district, says Eric Klein, operations manager at the Drums Police District Northern Light.

There have been several incidents in the Eastern Police District that, among other things, have captured the music of a man in his 40s.

– Some people complain about the noise in the district. The patrol was at an address and issued orders for peace in his 40s in a drunken state. Police patrolled a memory stick with all the music he had in custody, writes on Twitter.

In the act, the police did not release all the reports.

– Numerous reports of disturbances in the form of party noise and loud music. We fired some of them, but unfortunately we were not able to follow them all, writes Akter Police District on Twitter just before six o’clock.

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