Passport, Visa | A Norwegian passport allows visa-free entry to 191 countries. 14th in the world – beating the Danes.

Passport, Visa |  A Norwegian passport allows visa-free entry to 191 countries.  14th in the world – beating the Danes.

British PR agency Tank They've created an overview of how much you get for your money when you buy passports in different countries. 50 countries from different parts of the world are included in this list.

Factors that determine a country's score; How many countries you can visit without a visa, how much it costs to get a passport, how long the passport is valid and what percentage of the average monthly salary (% / GML) the passport costs.

Ruin with the Danes

The Norwegian passport is the best among the Nordics and ranks 14th in the ranking with a score of 93.02 out of 100. This is one notch better than the Swedish passport, which ranks 15th with 93 points.

On the other hand, the Danish passport lost a lot and was ranked 42nd with a score of 87.42.

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Norwegian and Swedish passports offer visa-free entry to roughly the same number of countries, but the Swedish one is NOK 350 cheaper than the Norwegian one. At the same time, Norway collects it again, because Norwegian passports last for ten years, while Swedish passports only last for five years.

Definitely very expensive

Danes' passport costs NOK 1,400, making it the most expensive passport on the list. Not surprisingly, Scandinavian passports offer almost the same benefits when it comes to countries where you can travel without a visa.

First place is United Arab Emirates. The passport is cheap (NOK 130), lasts ten years, allows visa-free entry to 184 countries and costs a very small fraction of the country's average monthly salary.

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See an overview of the selection of passports:

# Country Visa free countries Duration Passport cost

% / GML

2 Spain 194 10 years NOK 350 1.28% 97.38
14 Norway 191 10 years NOK 750 1.23% 93.02
15 Sweden 193 5 years NOK 400 0.94% 93
16 Germany 194 10 years NOK 810 1.92% 92.89
21 France 194 10 years 1000 NOK 2.56% 91.04
32 Finland 193 5 years NOK 580 1.33% 89.44
35 England 192 10 years 1200 NOK 2.68% 88, 76
43 Canada 188 10 years 1250 NOK 2.33% 87.39

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