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- It can get messy - VG
QUEUE: The audience is on their way to the concert area in Bjerke.

Police expected challenges when 60,000 spectators were returning home at the same time after Mittal’s Sunday concert.


He bought about 60,000 tickets to see German metal band Ramstein at the Birk track, northeast of Oslo.

Ramstein took to the stage at 8:30 p.m. as planned, according to the concert organizer.

– This was a historic party, with 60,000 people returning home from the same place. Mark Vaughan of the organizing company All Things Live to VG wrote Monday night that there are more people living in Alesund than there are.

He explained that it took time, as expected, but now everyone is off the field and the transfer is going as planned.

He praises the public, the police and his people.

– This is the biggest concert ever held in Norway. And it’s important that you succeed, he adds, because we have to have theaters big enough to bring the world’s biggest artists here.

– break the barrier

Shuttle buses were set up from the concert area.

– Things are going their way, but it takes time, says Oslo Police Director of Operations Björn Gunnar Neusutter.

“For the most part, people behaved well, but there were some law and order incidents with immigration,” says the operations director.

– Two accidents inside the jogging track, and on the way out of the area someone broke through a barrier erected to direct the crowd outside. Plus, we have some reports of people getting out on National Highway 4, he says.

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A little over an hour after the party ended, there was still a steady stream of people who had to be moved away from the area, according to police.

“Slowly but surely, we will bring the public home,” says Nesseter.

Trondheimsveien حظر ban

The transport company Ruter warned before the event of a concert in the Bjerke trotbane, Since there are few public transportation options nearby.

The concert organizer set up Shuttle Buses To and from the event, but tickets are already sold out on Saturday.

Due to traffic congestion, police closed National Route 4 Trondheimsveien to normal traffic for a few hours before the concert started to ensure shuttle buses could arrive.

Highway 4 is now open in both directions and all roadblocks have been lifted, police report at 1:15 p.m. Monday.

At the same time, they say that the concert area is empty and the audience is on their way home.

Last time: Ramstein played at Olival Stadium in Oslo in 2019.

Ticket system problems

TV2 A chaos in the queue was reported just before 7 p.m. as a result of half of the ticket scanning system being down, according to one of the security guards the channel spoke to.

– There were some problems online with the machines used to read tickets. It’s a problem that we were prepared for and quickly resolved,” Mark Vaughan of the organizer All Things Live wrote in an email to VG on 19.21.

Lots of people moving at the same time

Police warned ahead of the concert that it could become a problem when some 60,000 party-goers return home.

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Everyone wants to go home at the same time. After that there will be several people moving in at the same time, Per-Ivar Iversen, Director of Operations for the Oslo Police District, told VG.

Police in Oslo have appointed a separate task manager for the concert.

Going here: The Bjerke Baking Trail is in the Bjerke District, northeast of central Oslo, towards Marka.

According to director of security Jürgen Asse, there were also no parking options in the square, who believes many will have to find alternative ways to get home.

– We hope a lot of people walk. I recommend that people take some time outside the ring, and not push towards the exits. Take it easy, he told VG on Saturday, and don’t expect to go home in such a short time.

In addition to the German metal, the audience got Huge Flame Show Sunday evening.

PSSST! The last time a German metal band visited Oslo was two years ago, and got the concert roll the dice 6 By VG Reviewer.

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