PCI Controversy, Health Minister John Christian Westray

PCI Controversy, Health Minister John Christian Westray

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Most of the tricks from many groups are used here. Especially the medical environment of the PCI laboratory and the local hospital and the political environment in Bodo.

A common denominator is that these communities will not deal with the full report of the expert panel handed over to Hells Nord this spring.

Instead, they choose the relevant bits and leave out the ones that don't fit their story. A preliminary point was reached when Bodø mayor Od Emil Ingbrixen said that more people would die if PCI patients were sent to Tromsø.

Intimidation and opposition to the facts knows no bounds. The rules of the game are completely reserved.

Despite the noise in parts of Bodø and Nordland, Health Minister Jan Christian Vestre (AP) found it better to visit the PCI laboratory in Bodø.

This happened on Thursday this week, shortly before Hellas Nord's board decided on the future fate of the PCI offer.

It is hard to believe that a minister would act with such political immaturity. Here, the expert team has been studying for a long time. Subsequently, the administration in Hells Nord worked further with the knowledge base for the board, so Westray intervenes with a strong signal before the board can deal with the matter.

It is not only unwise and immature. Westray shows no respect for the process and the unwritten rules associated with it. If he wanted to know more, he could have at least waited for the Hell's Nord board to do its work.

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One wonders if Westray allowed himself to be controlled by the forces within his own party, or if he was simply naive.

We thought that such an important issue for Northern Norway should be left to professional advice and experts. Vestre Helles Nord should be supported to follow professional advice and actually carry out the restoration. Now the issue has turned into pure politics and party politics to a large extent.

As the boom unfolds, we hope Westray takes note of a few key points:

First, Vestre should address the significant cooperation issues between Tromsø and Bodø, which are mentioned in clear terms in the report of the expert group. In the report, the committee recommends that the PCI laboratory in Bodø should be subordinated to UNN Tromsø if it is to continue. The environment in Bodo would instead be subject to the PCI environment in Oslo, i.e. a completely different health area, which is a clear signal of where the roots of collaboration problems lie.

In addition, Westray should note that the NHSL does not follow internationally recognized guidelines for PCI treatment, as per the expert report.

Then he can answer the following: Do he and AB still believe that occupational health should be the basis of health care in Northern Norway?

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