Penalty chaos and drama – Sevilla won the Europa League for the seventh time: – I’m proud

Penalty chaos and drama – Sevilla won the Europa League for the seventh time: – I’m proud

(Sevilla – Roma 1–1 eeo, 4–1 on penalties) After a tumultuous Europa League final with extra time, penalty kicks and complete chaos, Sevilla managed to stretch their arms in the air for the seventh time.

Roma coach Jose Mourinho and Sevilla have never lost in European football. On Wednesday night, one of the statisticians was destroyed.

Because after 120 minutes of rage, screaming and squabbles from the bench in Roma and penalties, Mourinho had to realize the battle was lost. Sevilla claimed their seventh Europa League title – their third on penalties.

Roma’s second penalty was missed by Gianluca Mancini – the same man who put the ball into his own net in the second half. Fellow goalkeeper Roger Ibañez missed the ensuing penalty.

It was fateful.

– amazing! This group deserves it. We didn’t play at our best, but the team fought hard for that, said Eric Lamela immediately after the match.

– That was hard. They defended well and we struggled to find space. But the team fought until the end and I’m proud of my team mates. Ayano: I’m very happy.

Roma could have become the first Italian team to lift the trophy since 1999, but instead, Europa League kings Sevilla took back the most precious metal once again.

Roma coach Jose Mourinho was cheated out of another noble European medal, and had to accept a silver instead. He did not stay with the Portuguese for long: he took off the medal and threw it on the platform, where a little boy with a smile received it.

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With the victory, Sevilla increased the record as the club with the most wins in the tournament. Since 2006, the Spaniards have won seven times in seven attempts.

– this is unbelievable. This club is doing well and now it ends like this. Now we will play the Champions League, and we won the title. It’s completely indescribable, says the delightful Lamela.

Approximately 12 minutes of extra time were played in the second overtime period. Time and time again, there was complete chaos around the refereeing team:

Thus, Jose Mourinho was unable to get his sixth European title as a coach. Before, “Special One” two UEFA Champions League Cups,UEFA Champions League Cups,Porto in the 2003/04 season and Inter in the 2009/10. Two titles in the European LeagueTwo titles in the European LeaguePorto in the 2002/03 season and Manchester United in the 2016/17 season and one Conference League Cup. Conference League Cup. Roma in the 2021/22 season.

After an inning in which he was swayed from one end to the other, and flares thrown onto the field, the Roma fans had their first opportunity to let loose their cheers.

Paulo Dybala was superbly played by Gianluca Mancini in the 35th minute of playing time and slotted the ball into the opposite bottom corner for a perfect finish.

He seemed to please everyone with a Roma heart – except Mourinho himself:

In the second half, Sevilla fell straight down Roma’s throat, and it was a very busy day at work for both the Roma defense and referee Anthony Taylor.

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Supportive and persistent, Taylor was surrounded by the entire Roma squad, including the coaching staff who were largely disapproving of most decisions.

The simmering Puskás Arena got even hotter when Sevilla equalized ten minutes into the second half.

A powerful cross pass towards the Roma goal was wrongly removed by Gianluca Mancini and into his own net.

Soon after, Taylor pointed to the penalty mark for Sevilla, but, after looking at the VAR screen, Mourinho and company. Sigh: don’t punish.

When neither team was able to decide the match after full time or extra time, it went to a penalty shootout at Puskás Aréna.

Seville emerged victorious from it.

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