People had to be asked to stay away from the bear: – it could be a real nuisance

People had to be asked to stay away from the bear: – it could be a real nuisance
Father Bear: Here’s a picture of Wednesday night’s bear.

– We can have none of these.

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In the past week, the same bear has been seen in several places close to the population, for example, in Romerick and in the interior.

It’s something that people have taken to. On Wednesday evening, several people visited the area where the bear was located, and it was not ideal.

Regional Damage Reduction Manager for Wild Game, Kjell Bakken, tells VG that there was a “bear sighting” at Emse in Gran on Wednesday evening.

– We have to put an end to it. There was a queue. Looking for bears is one of the dumbest things you can do, says Bacon.

Headland Newspaper First mentioned the subject.

Useful for people

Bacon says their worst nightmare is that the bear will get used to people and traffic.

– Then the bear thinks it should be like that, and it can become a victim. It is not good to disturb like this.

Stay away: Kel Bacon asks people to stay away from bears.

According to Bacon, this can lead to the bear staying around houses in search of food.

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– We don’t want anything from being called a garbage bear. Then we have a problem. People should be told to stay away.

Bacon says people need to remember that a bear is a large predator that can attack people and animals.

– If it eats and people seek it, man can be seen as a competitor for food. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. It was very quiet, and many people have seen it in recent days.

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The bear continues his journey: — had to look twice

Recently the bear stole the honey and now it is found in the headland.

Damage reduction

If the bear starts attacking livestock, for example sheep in domestic pastures, the horror scene becomes real.

– Then we have to apply for damage deduction permit, which we want to avoid. Now it better head north because it’s looking for a nest.

So far, the bear has not taken livestock. A few bees and ants may have fallen victim to a predator — and a fence.

– It actually destroyed a fence last night, probably looking for some food.

50 meters

Ole Knut Steinset, responsible for the big game in Oppland at SNO, was on site on Wednesday evening. At most, he counted 20 cars, all of which had to see the bear.

According to Steinsett, people came relatively close.

– There may be many more within 50 meters. The bear took some bees so we had to get close to scare it away. Word of the bear spread quickly, and traffic jams ensued.

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Steinsett said they don’t want too many people near the bear. It is a wild animal, and unpleasant situations can arise.

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