January 28, 2023


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- People should be allowed to own their own history - VG

– People should be allowed to own their own history – VG

Speakers: SV President Kirsti Bergstø and SV Vice President Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes met with reporters on Wednesday for their annual summer press conference. In the background is General Secretary Audon Herning, who can be proud of his new membership achievement at SV.

Kirsti Bergstø, executive chairman of SV, will not encourage Storting representatives to be transparent about personal tax breaks after the commuter housing lawsuit.


He says the same principle applies to millionaires who end up in tax trouble with officials.

On the other hand, former MP Karin Anderson (SV) is clear: those who are tax-exempt for passenger housing should write openly about it in order to regain confidence in politicians. AddressCivisen.

Justice Minister Emily Enger Mehl (SP) told Viji on Tuesday She gets a 50,000 kroner tax deduction – and says that openness gives increased confidence.

But acting SV leader Kirsty Berkstow would not be encouraged to claim that her political colleagues received the tax claim.

There, each person has to consider what information they want to provide. Bergstø tells the VG that only they know who received the letter from the tax administration.

Individual Freedom: Kirsty Berkstowe spoke with great sympathy about the community at SV’s press conference. But he believes tax matters belong to his personal life.

He insists the deadline for responses from politicians to the tax administration is August 15.

– Those involved can understand that it takes some time to see what they have received before choosing to speak in public.

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On Wednesday morning, the SV held its brief press conference, where questions from Bergstø and Vice President Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes were mainly about the latter. Line Slam.

Fylkesnes spoke about his tax claim in a press release, but declined to comment on how big the claim was.

“People have to do it their own way, have their own history, their own reason and make it clear what is right and what is wrong,” Bergstow said from the platform.

– You have to choose for yourself

– You say they have to have their own history of their own. What do you say?

– They should be allowed to choose which personal information they want to share, Bergsto tells VG after the press conference.

– SV has traditionally been concerned with outgoing taxes and what the rich have to pay. Is tax in Norway a personal matter?

– This is where we work to change tax policy. Billionaires will have to pay more and I’m glad we changed the tax policy somewhat to increase property taxes somewhat, says Bergstow.

SV’s Carrie Elizabeth Kasky said during last year’s election campaign that it would be “ridiculously rude” for salmon billionaire Gustav Witze to go abroad if red-green people raise property taxes.

Luxemiliard: During the election campaign last year, Gustav Vitze invited senior Conservative leader Erna Solberg and Norwegian journalists to Froa. This led to a great deal of debate about Norway’s wealth tax.

Kaski encouraged Witso to sell some companies if he did not have enough money.

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– This is a question about an individual’s tax. Is tax a personal matter?

– Tax systems are a political issue. He says it is a big political question whether people should be prevented from bringing out the wealth built by the community tax-free.

He says since it is personal information, only those involved can share the tax administration’s letters.

– Does the same policy apply to millionaires and their taxes?

– He says I do not want millionaires to keep up with the tax administration’s letters and generally personal information.

By Monday morning it was clear Tax breaks have been announced for 28 politicians and 17 government members in Sporting. For the period 2017-2021.

Tax officials also believe that Sorting has more than NOK 1.3 million employer contributions.

Aftenposten, Adressa and VG revealed last year how elected representatives had not reported to tax authorities the benefit of free commuter housing in Oslo for years. Thus, the contribution of the right employer was not paid and the tax administration began to control it.

This winter, top politicians said they look forward to a clarification. Now it has come – but a large number of politicians refuse to answer.

The part is open: the SV vice president will not say how much the tax administration thinks he owes. He does not want his transparency to be an example, forcing other politicians to be transparent.

SV vice president Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes said on Tuesday he had received a tax cut, but did not say how much he owed.

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Fylkesnes will not answer the question of whether he is considering competing in the claim.

– I’m interested in clarifying what is right, says Philkesness.

He says every individual is responsible for paying the right tax, but at the same time he says he would not have received this request if Sorting had given him the correct information.

– I complied with the guidance I received from Sorting.

– If so, is it a fault of Sorting that you have this problem now?

– I have a personal responsibility to follow the tax rules. But in this case, I followed the rules of Sorting.