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– I knew what I was doing. That the rest did not, and that you received small talk that people thought you were striving for for money and not development turned out to be a big mistake in the past. It’s a little delicious, admits Carolyn Graham Hansen.

Wearing brown shorts and legs, she meets NRK outside the national team hotel in ód, Poland. The acting captain is ready to lead Norway to a new World Cup qualifying win, and the confidence she brings with her since the strong start to the season in Spain comes in handy.

Last season, the club won “everything”, and with a 4-1 victory over Arsenal in the Champions League, as well as a 43-1 goal difference after seven La Liga rounds, Barcelona look almost invincible.

Graham Hansen may have predicted this earlier than many others.

Decided early

The Norwegian was officially ready for the Barcelona match in May 2019, just two days after the club were crushed in the Champions League final by Lyon’s Ada Hegerberg.

– I had gone to Barcelona long before that, and I decided long before I went to the Champions League. For my part, I was pretty sure where the team was headed. That the rest of the world did not see him there, then it was “bad luck” for them.

When she moved from Germany Wolfsburg to Barcelona, ​​her salaries rose significantly, and NRK can note that the base salary was around 3 million NOKThis made her one of the highest paid female soccer players in the world.

The 26-year-old, who has been on the wish list of many of Europe’s top clubs, felt that changing the club wasn’t popular with everyone. She talks about comments that she only went to Barcelona for the money. Now you hope the club’s findings in the past two years completely refute that.

– People have many different opinions. People doubted that Barcelona played good football, but there was no more than that after that final.

Who did the criticism come from?

– Germany and the fans in general who are very close to the football community on the women’s side and who follow a lot of matches came up with these sticks, but I live well with that, she says.

I sent back stings

I sent a stab at them earlier this month:

To Unisport, the Norwegian player must have said:

“When I moved here (to Barcelona), there was a lot of nonsense that it was a career step. I felt confident that I could come here and help us become what the team at the club thought we could be.”

Some were critical of changing the club in 2019, and you think it’s just fun today.

There are a lot of opinions, as always. The most important thing for me was that I knew what I was looking for, and you can see that the results we’ve been able to achieve so far have been very good. She says so far it has been a very good choice for me.

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