June 10, 2023


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Per Dore’s brand new car was covered in snow: – It was a complete mess

Per Tor’s brand new Nissan was well covered in ice cream and the cleanup was underway.

A bad cabin trip added at a very bad time…

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(Altaboston) On Saturday morning, Per Tor Hansen went to the cabin in Leerbotn to bring some supplies in connection with the work in the cabin.

When he came back, he was met by an icy hell.

The Sarvesjokka River overflowed its banks after the ice piled up against the footbridge that made it possible to cross the river and enter the cottage field south of Leerbotnvan.

Complete confusion

Hansen didn’t hide his eyes widening at the sight that met him.

– The ice was pushed towards and over the bridge. There was a lot of ice left when we got here from the cabin. It’s a complete mess, says Per Tor.

The bridge was previously exposed to ice and was dragged down the river. This time the bridge was held. But that created other problems.

As the bridge did not give way, the ice block stopped in front of the bridge. As a result, the river found an alternative route, and large volumes of water and ice were pushed into the nearby car park. Several cars were parked here, including Per Tor’s two-week-old Nissan Aria.

Per tor Hansen found his flimsy new car packed with snow, an ice jam that had overflowed its banks in the Survesjokka.

Two cars were swept away in the river

Hansen says he had to get down on all fours and crawl across the river ice that had been pushed over the bridge. When the bridge was forced, he found his car.

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– My car was still in the parking lot. It is somewhat damaged, but mainly the tin is pitted. It was possible to start the car, so that was about as far as I could go. Now there are men here from Onleg Nord to help us leave. All credit to them for this work.

– Is your car brand new?

– Yes, I managed to drive 700 kilometers with it. Have two weeks. It’s a bit sad, but the damage to my car can be repaired. Two cars were dragged down the river and ended up in Leerbotnvannet. They are awful, he says, before adding:

– Of all this, the most important thing is that it went down well with people. As far as I understand no one was hurt. Cars can be repaired, but it gets worse when lives and health are affected, Hansen says.

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