Per Sundnes about Eurovision

Per Sundnes about Eurovision

On May 13 of this year, the famous European Music Competition was held.

A show that brings together more than 100 million people in front of the TV screen, involving many in voting for the artists they like the most.

When the votes were distributed from the TV viewers, there was a clear favorite who won the contest. Finn Käärijä crushed all opposition, earning a whopping 376 points from the People.

However, he did not win.

Instead it became a “jury favourite.” Lorraine from Sweden who ran away with a win. Thanks to a group of secret people in dark rooms, no one knows who they are.

It caused strong reactions, and many thought it strange that a jury could have so much power.

Norway hasn’t done better in Eurovision since Margrethe Berger catapulted Norway to fourth place in Malmö in 2013. Norwegian entrant Alessandra Mili got a lot of help from the popular vote this year. Correspondent: Agusta Magnusdottir. Video: Organ Ryland/Dagbladet
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Per Sundance: – Damn it

– The thing that’s most interesting about it all, and which I think pisses a lot of people off, is that it’s been 50 years since Sweden’s ABBA won the song “Waterloo” next year. Then, it “perfectly fits” Sweden’s victory this year, which is no coincidence, Per Sundnes tells Dagbladet about this year’s Eurovision result.

He notes that Lorraine had put on a very good show, but there was no doubt that Finland was his favourite, and the people’s favourite.

TOPSHOT – Singer Lauren performing on behalf of Sweden celebrates with the trophy after winning the final in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 on May 14, 2023 at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, northern England. (Photo by Paul Ellis/AFP)
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– It’s sad for them. Finland could get its second ever Eurovision win, which it deserves. Instead, Lorraine has become legendary with two victories, and Sweden is poised to share first place with Ireland among the countries with the most wins in the competition, says Sundance, before continuing:

– Our dear Alessandra would have ended up on the bench if not for the jury. Instead, she finished fifth. I think sports, there is a big difference between those positions.

Norway finished 17th after the jury voted with 52 points. Only the Finnish jury gave Norway the full bet. Then Alessandra got 216 points, which put Norway in fifth place.

Sweden received 243 points of the people’s vote, which would have taken a strong second place.

The Internet reacts after this stunt. Video: BBC/Eurovision
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– can not be forgiven

Sundnes is one of Norway’s biggest Eurovision bidders, and has commentated on the competition many times. He’s long since watched the show he loves so much change the rules, and seen bizarre choices being made by the EBU’s board of directors.

Lauren didn’t get the most votes from a single country, while Käärijä was the most voted from 18 countries. When Lauren doesn’t get a single 12 points from people…it’s unfair, and I can’t forgive him, says Sundance.

At the same time, Bodøværing believes that it can save a lot of time on the program if something is cut in the broadcast. He thinks it’s too long.

– So, this program has been going on for a very long time now. We stay up until two in the morning. Sundance says the kids should be asleep long before the winner is declared.

- Not very qualified

– Not very qualified

The jury is being watched by the police

NRK Behind closed doors, join the Norwegian jury for Eurovision this year. In this article, you learn that there are five selected members with connections to the music industry in each country who decide who is the best.

They must sign a non-disclosure agreement, where they pledge not to reveal their identity, not share anything on social media, and the cellphone is put away.

What is even more surprising is that the police are watching them while broadcasting. The policeman makes sure that all participating countries are considered by the jury.

– I stamp the voting forms, which are then sent to the EBU. We are not allowed to leave the site until the EBU gives us the green light that all is well, the policeman tells NRK.

This way of working causes the Sundnes reaction.

– He’s very strict. Five people we don’t know who they are can top out like this. We don’t know what kind of messages they receive when they enter the room to judge the participants, says Sundnes.

This year, there were a total of 185 jury members who received 2,146 points.

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