“Performance is much worse” – ITavisen

“Performance is much worse” – ITavisen

Now that the Copilot+ devices have been launched, there are a number of tests underway.

It uses more power and performs worse on some tests

Testers are trying to see if Qualcomm's promises are true, but there are a number of different chipsets in the Snapdragon .

The test we're mentioning now was conducted using an Asus Vivobook S15 (X Elite 78-100) against a Macbook Air 15 with Apple's M3 chipset as of October 2023. In Cinebench 2024, Apple's new Air was revealed to be 31% faster percent of the Snapdrageon X Elite and that the Apple device uses 20 percent less power Synchronized Because the performance is better. This gives Apple's M3 chip 61.7 percent better performance/power compared to the Snapdragon X Elite.

In any case, the testers do not want to remove the old number on the Ten and the fact that the Qualcomm chip in the Book4 Edge had to be downclocked to 2.5GHz and still failed to deliver better performance on battery life.

Itavesen, June 13, 2024

Mixed reception

“In single-wire performance, the “INIYSA”.

If one ignores synthetic tests, the reviewers' result will generally not be negative. Many reviewers praised a number of models for being well-priced in terms of OLED screen quality, battery life, and acceptable performance. We will come back with a test.

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