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Nytt på Nytt fredag 04.02.22

It will be scary and fun! I threw a blister in it, but I was well taken care of by an experienced gang, says Mikkelsen.

For the third time, “New on New” is the corona frame. At the beginning of January, program director Bård Tufte Johansen had to throw the towel After being infected with the pandemic virus.

Two weeks ago, Pernel Sorensen and Johan Golden had to do it Be in quarantine due to illness at home.

This time, Pernil Sorensen has to watch “Nytt på Nytt” again from the sofa, as she has been experiencing respiratory symptoms. She has not been confirmed to have coronavirus.

– Pernell owes me one now

The one who will fill Sørensen’s shoes is NRK profile Christian Mikkelsen.

Christian Mikkelsen prepares for broadcast.

Photo: Kjetil Kooyman / NRK

He is known as the comedian and shooter from a number of NRK shows, such as “Entertainment Department”And Martin and Michaelson And “Opinion”.

The best thing about all of this is that Pernell owes me one now, so for the backyard spring service, my neighbors can expect to see Pernell Sorensen with a rake and work gloves on, the 31-year-old adds.

You should try not to get dirty to the inheritance

When asked what Mikkelsen was most looking forward to, he replied:

just to be in “new on new” It was a childhood dream, so this is kind of a wishlist 2.0.

As a team leader, you have more responsibility, at the same time you can be a bit quirky. It will be fun. All in all, I’ll try not to get dirty with Sorensen’s legacy until you get back!

once again

Atsin: Christian Mikkelsen has been at Nytt på Nytt before, but then as a guest.

Photo: Ann Leif Ekroll

Plague and resting heart rate

Project leader in “new on new”, Kjetil Kooyman, don’t hide that he is eager to return to 2019 under the situation.

It was a good time, when sinusitis was an accident that one noticed. Now people can catch bubonic plague without us testing the pulse in the editorial office. At least as long as the good guys like Christian Mikkelsen and other alternatives line up, he says.

This week, Culture and Gender Equality Minister Annette Tritbergstoen and Aftenposten commentator Keitel B. will attend. Alstadheim.

CORRECTION at 20.00: NRK first wrote that Pernille Sørensen has received corona. this is not true. The correct thing is that she has developed symptoms, but has not tested positive for the virus.

Nytt på Nytt You can watch it on Friday on NRK 1 kl. 21.05 or whenever you want NRK . TV.

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