March 22, 2023


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Pernell Sorensen is absent from “A New Again”

On recent Fridays, Pernille Sorensen, 45, has not been seen on “Nytt på nyts” broadcasts.

The same also applies on Friday.

Storytelling in Sophie Elise joke

Last week, Sørensen was replaced by comedian Sigrid Bonde Tusvik (43). This week’s substitute is Leif Gulbrandsen (49).

The program’s project manager, Kjetil Kooyman, said this in a short message to Se og Hør in connection with last week’s broadcast.

Complaints: New on Nate Friday, January 6th. It resulted in NRK’s ​​public service receiving a number of complaints from the public. Pictures from NRC.
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Friday’s guests are actor Eben Ackerle (35) and researcher Mikkel Berg Nordli.

The reason for the long absence of the 45-year-old girl is due to the recording of the final season of the comedy series “Jan um Ajayb”.



Sørensen has had to switch several times this season due to his “Side om side”.

Earlier, comedian Isaill Kolpus went up and sat in Sørensen’s chair.

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