Peter Belgaard Company Lauritzen declined

Peter Belgaard Company Lauritzen declined

On Saturday, the stage was finally set for the premiere of this year’s version of “Kompani Lauritzen”. Once again, 14 celebrities will obviously be tested by the grueling military training of Colonel Dag Otto Lauritzen (66).

– I fell silent

One of those who have now put on a green uniform and are ready to obey orders is TV profiler and former model, Vendela Kirsebom (56).

When Kirsibom met Se og Hør before the recording took place this fall, she could reveal that she would have liked to bring her husband, Petter Pilgaard (43) with her to Camp Setnesmoen.

Wedding: With the new series “Vendela + Petter Get Married” you get an insight into the wedding planning of the real-life couple who met on “Farmen Kjendis”. Video: TV 2 Play / Reality Awards
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But: he simply flatly refused.

– It would have been very interesting, but in fact he did not want to. He was actually asked years ago, and then she revealed.

- I was very sorry

– I was very sorry

– First, he wants to build his machine and work with it, and then it’s a bit hard being away. She added that after all, he was in the military and feels like he really did.

When Se og Hør met the couple during the show’s premiere party, Pilgaard was able to corroborate what the wife said — about both the military and wanting to make her way in the construction industry.

“Kompani Lauritzen” begins with a bang when the participants are thrown straight into the infamous reverse plunge site. Not everyone thinks it’s fun. Video: Luna Lea. Correspondent: Thea Hope/Rød Løper, TV 2
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In addition, he was able to make a somewhat surprising declaration:

– I’ve retired a bit from what has to do with TV, and now I want to focus on my job.

Live as a character

Live as a character

– I’ve done some little things here and there, but I really want to do my own thing, I’m trying to motivate young people and hire people in the construction industry. That’s why I’m a bit retired, at least when it comes to competitive reality. He added that I might eventually watch more TV.

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